Part of the X-Info Assurance suite, the Works Management module is the next step the automated response system process – permit management.

Many utilities and local governments have permits in place to protect their underground assets. X-Info Assurance suite’s Works Management module offers a seamless workflow solution to view, action and report on asset queries such as Permit to Works and Road Closure applications. It streamlines and automates processes and increases compliance to organisations’ works procedures, permits and regulatory compliance.

Most importantly, Works Management module ensures procedures are executed in accordance with process, making sure no one drops the ball and no application is missed.

On demand and scheduled reports can be configured to enable better decision making and planning, improving the level of internal coordination and external service. Records of communications, contacts, procedures, documents and mapping can also be recorded against each job or project.

And, as with all of our products, interactive Map Activities can provide quick, visual references to work history in selected areas or regions.


“Mipela provided a user friendly, time and cost efficient solution customised to GAWB’s specific needs. The solution gave GAWB the tools to identify and focus on enquiries that could potentially pose a risk to our underground infrastructure. The Mipela team were professional and accommodating and always worked hand-in-hand with GAWB to ensure the optimal outcome and solution to fit our business requirements”, said Tina Underwood, Technical Officer from Gladstone Area Water Board.



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