The repetitive manual processing involved in handling communications, issuance of Permit to Work and data management within GAWB in response to their DBYD enquiries has proven to be time and resource intensive and prone to error and inconsistencies.


Mipela GeoSolutions delivered the Client a cloud hosted X-Info DBYD suite Works Management module (WMM) to provide a seamless automated workflow solution to view, action and report inquiries that have authority to conduct proposed works in the vicinity of GAWB infrastructure from X-Info DBYD suite for the Client’s “Permit to Work” processes.


With a fully automated Works Management module in place, GAWB is able to view, action and report on asset queries such as Permit to Works applications resulting in massive improvement in turnaround time for permit issuance. The automated workflow has also significantly increased workflow accuracy and compliance to processes and information coming from a single source of truth. The on demand reports enable GAWB with visibility and control which will assist with better decision making and proactive asset management.

Gladstone Area Water Board

Automated back end processes provides Gladstone Area Water Board with improved responsiveness for issuing of permits

Mipela implemented a Works Management solution for Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) . Mipela provided a seamless workflow solution to view, action and report inquiries that have authority to conduct proposed works in the vicinity of GAWB’s infrastructure from X-Info DBYD suite for their “Permit to Work” processes. The objective was to automate back end processes and centralise  data to create certainty and responsive issuing of permits and reports.

The project has resulted in an internal “Safety Challenge” award to the team who submitted the project as a work process initiative by changing the way we do things to manage and remove risks when working in or around concealed infrastructure.

“Mipela provided a user friendly, time and cost efficient solution customised to GAWB’s specific needs. The solution gave GAWB the tools to identify and focus on enquiries that could potentially pose a risk to our underground infrastructure. The Mipela team were professional and accommodating and always worked hand-in-hand with GAWB to ensure the optimal outcome and solution to fit our business requirements”, said Tina Underwood, Technical Officer from Gladstone Area Water Board.