Hello, we are Mipela GeoSolutions

We’re a young company but our story began a long time ago. The year was 1997 and it was, it has to be said, a great year. Dolly the sheep was cloned, the first Harry Potter book was published and the Spice Girls were telling us what they wanted, what they really, really wanted.

Mipela started as a professional GIS services company and in 2010, merged with GeoSolutions Australia to form Mipela GeoSolutions.

Today, with around 40 staff, we’ve grown into one of the premiere Location Information Management and GIS companies in Australia providing innovative solutions to national and international clients.

We’re based in Brisbane, with offices in Adelaide. We predominantly service the energy and infrastructure sectors, but we have a wealth of experience in other sectors too.


So, how did we get here?

Over the years we noticed that somehow, the very systems and software that were designed to help us be more productive were actually making us less efficient by drowning us with vast amounts of information.

Our X-Info suite was born from the idea that we could create a solution that would take all this information, whatever the source or the content, and unify it into a simple, secure, centralised and accessible solution.

What makes us special

  • We take a fresh approach, balanced with experience
  • We’re dynamic and agile, but grounded when it counts
  • We take the time to listen, but we have the confidence to guide
  • To us, producing great solutions takes a collaborative approach. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire delivery process.
  • Our emphasis is on finding an easier way of communicating complex business information by presenting it to users in a visual form
  • We maintain a strong focus on research and development to ensure we remain a leader in innovative location information management solutions
  • We work with the best people and the best technology to deliver the best solution.



A passion for excellence

The force that drives Mipela forward is people – and there are a lot of people that all work together to make Mipela what it is. We’re all unique, with our own skills, knowledge and personalities, and it’s these differences that allow us to complement and learn from each other, to support each other, and most importantly it’s what unites us as a company.

Our people are the most creative, innovative and technically skilled at what they do, but we’re always striving to be better. We know that good teams need good communication and our teams work hard to deliver the best customer service to our clients.



The teams behind the scenes

We believe it takes a great workplace to produce great work. We’ve built a collaborative and people-focused culture that drives our business.


The Client Success Team is the conduit between us and our clients. They make sure that solutions are tailored to mesh smoothly with each client’s own particular requirements. This intimate connection works both ways and means the team is constantly monitoring feedback to keep our company vision in sharp focus and to ensure we’re always ready to meet the future needs of our clients.

For some inexplicable reason the Client Success team are always changing the ringtones on their smartphones more often than most people change their underwear.


Our Services Team is a talented group of professionals that can be found either in our offices or working directly with clients on-site. They handle solution implementations, customer support and ensure GIS projects are delivered on time and on budget.

They’re the kind of people who actually paid attention in high school instead of drawing little animations in the corners of their textbooks.


The Products Team is the innovation lab. It’s a team of developers and designers devoted to creating functional, elegant and feature packed applications. It’s the part of Mipela where we brainstorm, design, create, and experiment with our products.

The products team can often be seen huddled around a screen analysing the pros and cons of some new gadget that’s just been released.


The Administration Team is the hub that links us all together and keeps the Mipela GeoSolutions engine running smoothly. They take care of all the logistics and make sure we don’t stray too far from the path. We secretly think that as children, they never coloured outside the lines.

Our values

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Want to work with us?

We understand that there has to be a balance between work and home in order for you to get the most out of life. We therefore offer our staff numerous benefits including:

  • Flexible working conditions including permanent part time positions
  • Paternity leave
  • Regular staff social functions (including partners)
  • Staff incentives
  • Annual membership to Mipela Rewards Gateway

We’re always looking for talented staff to join our expanding team so feel free to email your resume to info@mipela.com.au.