The perfect tool for property ownership details

There is increasing demand from the energy, infrastructure, mining and utility sectors for accurate and timely property and ownership information. Best practice necessitates procedures are followed for land access, acquisitions, compensations and community engagement.

In response to these requirements Mipela GeoSolutions and APM PriceFinder have created Australia’s first innovative live property data update service which involves the integration of Mipela’s X-Info Connect stakeholder management software with PriceFinder online property search application.

This new service embedded into X-Info Connect saves time and money and improves efficiencies by automating workflows and eliminating manual searching of government databases. It also eradicates the need for subsequent data entry of information into corporate databases and geographical information systems. Stakeholder, land access, mining, infrastructure and utility operator personnel can concentrate on using their stakeholder management software systems rather than supporting them.

X-Info Connect and PriceFinder at a glance

Easy, automated access to property data

A simple, automated login and configuration tool gives easy access to the PriceFinder Australia wide property data.

Get the specific property and ownership data you need

A simple interface lets you choose which PriceFinder property and ownership data fields to use when updating and how these fields map to your own X-Info Connect data.

Scheduled, automatic updates

Scheduled updates at a specified interval ensure your property data is always kept up to date. Individual or selected properties can also be manually updated at any time.

Control who has access to what

Set permissions for individual PriceFinder functions to control which users can access online reports; can manually update the property data; are automatically notified of updates; and can administer and maintain the data.

Administration and maintenance

Whenever your property data is updated, any potential conflicts are automatically identified and the data administrators notified by email. A simple interface allows authorized users to quickly see and resolve the conflicts to ensure the precision of property data. Additional information is also provided to administrators giving a summary of any properties and owners that were updated.

Link to PriceFinder Property Report

Access a property’s current online owner information directly from X-Info Connect.

How it works

X-Info Connect queries the PriceFinder web service for the requested data and automatically updates your Connect property and ownership information. A summary of the update is emailed to selected users. Any potential conflicts with the PriceFinder and Connect data are also flagged so they can be resolved.


Your property data is maintained within X-Info Connect. Data Fields from the online PriceFinder property and ownership data are mapped to X-Info Connect properties and owners.

Authorised users can manually update a single property, or scheduled updates can automatically update property data at a defined interval.


Using the X-Info Connect API the property and ownership data can be pushed into external GIS and CRM systems.

Data Services Matrix - PriceFinder-v2 (002)

Key applications

  • Energy exploration
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Mining and resource development
  • Water and wastewater
  • Pipeline, power, telecommunications, road and rail infrastructure
  • City and regional Councils
  • State and Federal Government
  • Engineering, construction and communications consultancies

Current sectors

  • Land access and negotiation
  • Community and key stakeholder consultation
  • Cultural heritage and native title management
  • Project environmental impact studies
  • Planning studies for site and corridor selection
  • Issues management
  • Facilities management
  • Property management
  • Tenement management
Case studies
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