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 Before You Dig

Before You Dig is a free national referral service designed to prevent damage and disruption to the vast underground pipe and cable networks which provides Australia with essential services.

In 2001 Mipela developed an automated response system, X-Info Assurance suite, to complement the Before You Dig national referral service. By automating the processing of the enquiries for the asset owners, X-Info Assurance suite brings efficiency and control to protecting their underground assets.

Mipela has also worked closely with Before You Dig to develop its Infrastructure Damage Reporting tool, iDIG, a national data collection and reporting tool that assists to build a comprehensive picture in relation to damage incidents, to identify opportunities for improvement and to measure the progress of related efforts. The results of this initiative will be used to develop ongoing educational programs and best practices to potentially reduce future damages and lead to a safer environment.

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In December 2013 APM and Pricefinder merged to become a leading national supplier of property price information to banks, real estate agents, property developers, government agencies, media organisations and consumers. Pricefinder has been providing property price information services since 1989.

Pricefinder, part of the Domain Group, is a subsidiary of Fairfax Media Limited [ASX:FXJ]. Pricefinder is one of the largest property information providers in Australia and is the trusted source of property information for many leading banking institutions and property professionals across the country.

PriceFfinder collects and manages data from a range of property based data and imagery sources, including Government agencies, industry professionals, mapping providers and many public and private databases across Australia. The rich and diverse datasets allow Pricefinder to create and develop innovative and smart solutions to meet clients’ property data needs.

Originally developed to provide additional functionality to X-Info Connect, the Pricefinder module was the first product of its kind in Australia to embed live property data updates into a stakeholder/land access management system. This enables users to:

  • Automate workflows to eliminate manual searching of government databases
  • Schedule automatic batch updates of an entire property database
  • Significantly reduce manual processing which in turn saves time and costs.

The X-Info Connect Pricefinder module gives you the opportunity to keep your landowner and property data up to date in real time without the associated costs of implementing a new information management system.

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MCGlobal Solutions

In 2013 Mipela GeoSolutions and MCGlobal Solutions, a leading provider of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerised Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS), announced a strategic partnership.

Mipela GeoSolutions’ product, X-Info Maps, is now available as an embedded component of MCGlobal Solutions’ product offerings. This integration gives MCGlobal Solutions’ clients the ability to link to geospatial data from their corporate Geographic Information System (GIS) and empowers them to visualise and analyse information on a map, in a manner that cannot be achieved using traditional reporting.

This additional functionality allows location enablement of EAM information and work order development, and the client’s ability to create and manage work orders spatially. The creation of new assets into a CMMS from existing GIS objects is also now available.

The integration of the two products gives users a more accurate reflection of real-world circumstances to visualise trends which will allow organisations to streamline their asset management operations and make better business decisions.

The location enablement of CMMS information and work orders leverages clients’ investment in GIS and improves work planning and analysis while eliminating the need for data duplication.

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In December 2010 Sentanil Systems was founded when it acquired Epic Energy’s pipeline construction management software modules:

  • CMS (Construction Management System)
  • Alignment Sheet Generator
  • FMS (Facilities Management System)
  • Eddict/Field Data Capture
  • AS 2885 risk management database.

Sentanil Systems is headed by Mipela’s Hayden McDonald and co owned by product support specialist, John Quigley. Hayden and John have a long history of GIS and database development in the pipeline industry.

Complemented with Mipela’s suite of web based GIS tools, there is now a full range of integrated GIS and database modules for the gas pipeline industry – from project feasibility and design to construction and eventually through to operation and maintenance – that provide asset management tools for the total lifecycle of a pipeline.

Sentanil began as a pipe tracking and traceability database created during the construction of the South West Queensland pipeline in 1995. Also at that time the first GIS was developed for the Australian pipeline industry, named SWQGIS. These systems were developed by a team headed by John Girle, who was passionate about data capture and integrity for the pipeline industry. John extended the boundaries to not only include the pipe/weld AS 2885 requirements, but also the cultural heritage, environment and land aspects of a project.

John was tragically killed whilst performing helicopter survey work in the Northern Territory in 2002. John would be proud that his legacy is well and truly continuing.

Since SWQP, there have been many projects where the software has been used. Thousands of kilometres of pipe, weld, coating and as-built data have been scanned, recorded and checked across each state in Australia, and overseas.

Recent key pipelines projects have included Enertrade’s North Queensland Pipeline, Tanami, DBNGP Looping, QSN Link and QSN3 Looping, TNGP, Roma Brisbane Looping for constructors such as Nacap, McConnell Dowell, WDS, Saipem, on behalf of clients including DBP, Epic Energy, Jemena, APA and Santos.

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Australian Made

Mipela GeoSolutions is proud to be part of the Australian Made campaign. Mipela’s software is developed and supported in its Brisbane office, its implementation team are located across the country and it even ensures that its solutions are hosted within Australian data centres.

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Powered is an energy community made up of methodically vetted and selected partner companies and their customers. Its partners deliver the products, services or technologies and Powered delivers the customer experience.

Powered is more than your account manager, they are a trusted advisor. They determine your needs and present you with proposals from suppliers who provide world class products, services and technologies.

Powered was founded and is driven by experienced energy industry executives whose mission is to provide customers with an unparalleled and unrivalled buying experience – they achieve this in part by leveraging our deep industry relationships and partnering with current and future leaders in the energy services sector.

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