The solution implemented had to be fluid enough to handle changes from Veolia’s client, QGC. Mipela were agile in their approach to the deployment and could quickly scope and configure variations collaboratively as they were required.


Mipela implemented X-Info Connect service management software to manage, manipulate and report on the data, X-Info Aware to capture the data in the field on users mobile tablets and X-Info WebConnect to provide a browser based interface into select data for QGC and the maintenance companies.

Simplistically, a panel of maintenance companies are sent a request to quote for vegetation management services via an automated email. They log into X-Info WebConnect to respond to the request. Veolia receive, review, then with approval of the client QGC, award the work to the successful maintenance company. That company’s selected maintenance crew then receive an assigned task via their mobile devices, using X-Info Aware, for action. Once they submit the completed task, the data is made available in real time to the Veolia team in the office for review and approval for issue of weekly progress reporting.


In early 2016 Veolia’s first work crew undertook their assigned maintenance task near Miles in the Surat Basin. Before and after photos were captured as part of the task process. Information on herbicides used were also collected a part of the maintenance process and reported accordingly. This information was then available for consumption by the Veolia team in real time for review, analysis and subsequent reporting to their client QGC.


Remote field task management and data capture providing results for real time consumption for Veolia

Veolia is a global leader in environmental solutions, working closely with some of Australia’s largest companies to help them reach their sustainability goals. Veolia is governed by an adherence to the highest levels of safety, no compromises and we work in partnership with our clients to minimise hazards, reduce risk and build a respected and lively safety culture.

In late 2015, Veolia successfully won the vegetation management services contract with QGC. This body of work includes the management of remote maintenance teams to undertake assigned tasks and report back in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Having worked with Mipela since 2009, the team at Veolia partnered with Mipela to configure a hosted solution that not only managed the tasks for the remote workers via a tablet device but also provided automated reporting to both Veolia and their client QGC, offering transparency of activities and real time results.

Real time reporting of remote field activities is available using mobile devices. Tasks, scheduled or adhoc can trigger additional actions, such as emails or SMS, to notify others of issues or risks.