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Take the Stress Out of Tenement Management

Tenement management can be a time consuming, stressful nightmare, especially when it comes to meeting legislative requirements and reporting. Then there’s administering land owner details, managing new acquisitions and the list goes on and on. Now you can eliminate the unnecessary stress with X-Info Connect tenement management software.

X-Info Connect’s tenement management system is fully configurable to your needs, has powerful reporting functionality and tasks and triggers that automate your business processes. Through this one application you can keep track of all your tenement owner details and communications. Meeting reporting requirements, scheduled renewals and notices have never been easier through the procedures functionality.

Automating your tenement reporting is quick and easy. Reports can be scheduled for email delivery to multiple nominated recipients. Import data from various sources in numerous formats and include them into your report. Create branded report templates that can be generated in seconds and distributed to land owners, government department and/or others.

Tenement management has never been easier than with X-Info Connect software and can be hosted and managed locally or by Mipela GeoSolutions hosted cloud services.