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Latest Release Notes

Version 5.1 of X-Info Connect and X-Info WebConnect are scheduled for release on 30 March.

This release delivers the Activities module to X-Info WebConnect along with a new look interface.

X-Info WebConnect has had a makeover – offering a simplified, modern look.

The Activities module enables Users to carry out their daily tasks, such as searching or data capture, in a more simplified and streamlined way. These tasks can be customised specifically to different User roles and even individual Users.

The interface can be configured in various ways, such as Dashboard style, Overview Style or simple Searches and Data Captures using tabs and toolbar buttons.

X-Info WebConnect can deliver Activities through a browser, allowing access from any location without the need to install X-Info Connect Client.

This release offers the opportunity to implement browser-based use of the X-Info Suite, enabling Clients to easily deliver the software to Users without the need to install at different sites.

Product Update X-Info WebConnect v5.1

X-Info Connect v5.1 is due to be released at the end of October. This also includes the release of X-Info WebConnect v5.1.

WebConnect v5.1 will feature a new user interface (UI) design and the Activities module. This module provides the same functionality and features as the current Connect v5.0 offers, giving Users easy access to the common processes or tasks they use Connect for, without having to navigate through the customary Connect Explorer.

WebConnect v5.1 will enable Activities set up in a connection to be available to Users a the web. This means quick and easy access to search, capture and view data that is relevant to specific Users. All activities can be customised for specific Users or User Groups, meaning data is accessed and used in a more significant way. Processes such as searching for data or updating data will be quicker and more simplified.

Users will still be able to toggle between the current WebConnect and the new version so the things they currently do don’t necessarily need to change.

WebConnect v5.1 will be previewed at the upcoming APGA Conference in October.

Optimising grape production using X-Info Suite

In South Australia we love wine and our newest clients based in McLaren Vale are all about the grape!

Integrated Precision Viticulture (IPV) assists vineyard owners and managers to make smart, cost effective decisions around their properties using a combination of airborne data collection, in situ hardware including hundreds on in ground probes and professional field observations to record data across the vineyard throughout the year. IPV were looking for a platform to bring all of this information together so that their clients could access information at any time using powerful tools to present and analyse location specific information as well as manage tasks to be completed in the field.

X-Info Suite has as allowed IPV to set up the AG-GIS platform which gives then the ability to map assets and features on a property using X-Info Aware to view this information and maps online. This has been useful for IPV staff who have now created a central repository for property access information. This means they no longer get lost going to a property! It’s also useful to vineyard owners who may want a map of their property and share other consultants.

Asset maintenance requests can now be raised by vineyard owners using X-Info Aware and tasks are assigned to IPV staff to complete the job. The staff are able to navigate to the exact probe location via the geospatial information provided.

Agronomist consultants engaged by IPV are able to use X-Info Aware to record field observations such as pest and disease monitoring, baume (sugar content of grapes) and phenology (growth stage of the vine) readings which are automatically sent to X-Info Connect where can be then mapped online in real time. Agronomists can also assign treatment tasks such as spraying or slashing, based on their field observations, and include relevant chemical application information to assign to vineyard workers to carry out. Reporting can also be completed in field and sent to vineyard owners either in real time via a secure Internet browser or scheduled emails.

The AG-GIS platform also provides the ability for vineyard workers to carry out chemical audits and keep records of which chemicals in what volumes are currently stored on a particular property. The location of emergency management assets such are assembly points, fire hoses and washdown points are also mapped and can be accessed in report or map format online during an emergency event.

So, next time you’re sipping on a McLaren Vale Shiraz, have a think about how technology helps make that glass of wine taste awesome!

Written by Alana O’Connor

The Value of X-Info Plans Management – Zinfra

In our last newsletter, we introduced you to X-Info Plans Management, a browser based solution that automated the collation of your incoming DBYD responses.

Zinfra were one of the first companies to hop on board with this new solution in the later part of 2016. The value of using this tool is clearly demonstrated the savings in time and resources taken to receive and reconcile the incoming responses.

“Being able to check on any job via a web based console gives us the opportunity to just get on with the other planning and scheduling tasks associated with field work”, said Jason Luichareonkit, Business Systems Manager at Zinfra. “We have seen a significant business process improvement since introducing X-Info Plans Management”.

The number of DBYD enquiries Zinfra is making using X-Info Plans Management in NSW alone has increased manyfold – a true testament to the buy in and peace of mind from the business.

“We are currently onboarding Zinfra’s other states to realise the value of X-Info Plans Management in our planning and scheduling work.”

“I have worked with many system integrators and I must say that the attitude and the customer focus centric approach of every one at Mipela is outstanding. Nothing was too big of a deal. All enquiries and teething issues during and after implementation were answered in a timely manner”, added Luichareonkit.

It’s time to upgrade your X-Info Connect to 5.0

At Mipela GeoSolutions we are continually enhancing our X-Info Suite to ensure you get the most efficient user experience possible. Your software annual maintenance guarantees you easy access to every new release.

X-Info Connect version 5.0 was launched in May so now the Mipela Support team will be touching base with you to coordinate upgrades. After the upgrade process is complete we’ll work with you to take advantage of the powerful new “Activities” function.

The new Activities function provide Users with easy access to the common processes or tasks they use X-Info Connect for, without having to navigate through the customary Connect Explorer. Users will be able to further streamline data entry, enhance security, reflect business workflows and automate administrative processes.

What are Activities?

Activities are the common things a user does in X-Info Connect, such as find a land parcel, add a communication, complete an assigned task, add a new contact or update contact details. They can be customised for particular Users and Groups, so Users only see and access the information relevant to them.

What types of activities are there?

Activity types include opening, searching and capturing data in X-Info Connect. These types allow users to find data using tailored search parameters, display data as a simple view requiring no user input or capture and store data using custom forms or wizards.

Customised Overviews and layouts can also be defined for activities so data can be presented and accessed in a relevant and useful format. Overviews allow a range of data display options, from tables and group boxes to charts and graphs.

Activities can also be ordered into folders to group common tasks in a logical way. These folders can be controlled though security permissions, meaning only certain Users or Groups can
see and use them.

X-Info Product Roadmap Update

X-Info Connect 5.0 was released in May 2017!

The product includes a new component for Users to perform common activities in a simple, intuitive way. The interface can be customised for Users and show activities they would commonly perform, making it easier to capture data and define workflow processes.

Exciting new features in X-Info Connect 5.0:

  • Enabling Users to view tasks only assigned to them and accessing these easily
  • Providing simple, quick data capture that can be delivered in different formats, such as wizards and pop-up windows
  • Easily access data by opening specific items or performing tailored searches with predefined search parameters
  • View data in a tab based interface which allows numerous items to be open simultaneously
  • Perform tasks specific to an item by defining customised tools in the toolbar
  • Share tailored reports and charts to specific Users

X-Info Plans Management

The “no brainer” solution to manage your incoming Dial Before You Dig responses

If your team are lodging large quantities of Dial Before You Dig enquiries with 1100.com.au, then we’ve got something you might be interested in.

X-Info Plans Management is a browser based solution that automates the collation of your incoming DBYD responses. Once all responses against an enquiry have been received, each nominated user will receive an email directly to advise them that the enquiry has been fulfilled – it’s that simple! Within that email they will receive a hyperlink to all of the information sent by the asset owners – including the email content and any attachments (which is often where the really important information is) and a link directly to the X-Info Plans Management dashboard so that they can check on any of the detail.

Not only does X-Info Plans Management significantly reduce the administration burden on your projects, it increases compliance and reduces project planning risks through proactive features such as automatically reminding you every 28 days when your current dials are due to expire.

In summary, X-Info Plans Management gives you a peace of mind that all DBYD enquiries are followed through accordingly. It’s a no brainer, really.

A snapshot of our Quarterly Product Updates

We are pleased to announce the quarterly release of our X-Info products. Take a look at a snapshot of some of the new features:

X-Info Connect tagline 96dpi 4.3


  • Object Type List Fields – Picker configuration to allow configuration of the data that is displayed to users
  • Spellchecker for Text Fields
  • Reports – Exports to PDF and add communication
  • Report Designer to simplify the creation of report templates

X-Info WebConnect tagline 96dpi 4.3


  • Image can now be marked up to allow quick sketches and text to be added to images
  • Customisable Reports can now be added to the home page. The report templates can be changed to filter the report content, enable and disable certain parts of the report as well as modify blocks of text within the report.

X-Info Aware tagline 96dpi 2.3


  • GPS tracking allows users to capture line or polygon objects
  • Users can now email or phone directly from email and phone fields using their default email app on their phone or call from their phone
  • Assigned tasks can be reordered
  • A Clear All button is now avaliabe for paused tasks
  • Summary fields are now displayed as fields in Capture Forms
  • Speed enhancements have been added to show download data status on Users devices.

X-Info SMS suite – Safety Management Study

X-Info SMS suite is the latest offering by Mipela that is specifically designed to provide pipeline owners with a comprehensive system that can manage the Clients tasks associated with the operation, maintenance, suspension of operation, decommissioning and abandonment along with all their proposed transmission pipeline asset projects AS2885 workflows, quality control and reporting.

AS2885 requires Licensee Approval for Safety Management Studies. X-Info SMS suite ensures that Client’s key management personnel are fully informed of the operational risks associated with the operating assets. It is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution that gathers, stores, displays and reports on information pertaining to design, safety and operational related hazards that cause or are capable of causing loss of pipeline integrity associated with the pipeline infrastructure (as set out in AS2885).

X-Info SMS suite can provide a full pipeline safety management study (generally for new assets), safety management study reviews (generally a five year style review) and local adhoc reviews as necessary for specific issues.


  • Updates and revises your pipelines Threat Libraries to maintain AS2885 compliance
  • Location analysis
  • Threats identification
  • External interference protection in accordance with AS2885 standard
  • Other threats and mitigation measures
  • Failure analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Reports and outstanding actions
  • Filing – numerous types of important data.

A snapshot of our Quarterly Product Updates

The latest quarterly release for X-Info products has been announced. Here’s a snapshot of the latest features:

X-Info Connect tagline 96dpi 4.2

  • Summary field enhancement
  • InConn tracking column
  • Picker filters for all object types
  • Client connection speed and performance enhancement
  • User friendly features including collapsible object lists, multi-select and click and drag

X-Info WebConnect tagline 96dpi 4.2

  • Quick Create buttons
  • Link directly to an object button
  • User profile management
  • WebConnect branding options
  • Easier control group expend/collapse
  • Easier control group expand/collapse
  • Improved overview icons

X-Info Aware tagline 96dpi 2.2

  • Location tab now displays location layers and assigned tasks and paused tasks
  • Markup image field
  • New signature field



X-Info Maps tagline 96dpi  5.7

  • Support for new file types and databases
  • Maintenance Connection v7.0 support
  • Parallel processing of DBYD projects

For detailed information, please contact our Support team on 1300 807 7700.