X-Info Plans Management is a browser based solution that automates the collation of your incoming DBYD responses. Once all responses against an enquiry have been received, each nominated user will receive an email directly to advise them that the enquiry has been fulfilled – it’s that simple! Within that email they will receive a hyperlink to all of the information sent by the asset owners – including the email content and any attachments (which is often where the really important information is) and a link directly to the X-Info Plans Management dashboard so that they can check on any of the detail.

Not only does X-Info Plans Management significantly reduce the administration burden on your projects, it increases compliance (ensuring no one drops the ball) and reduces project planning risks through proactive features such as automatically reminding you every 28 days when your current dials are due to expire.

“Being able to check on any job via a web based console gives us the opportunity to just get on with the other planning and scheduling tasks associated with field work. We have seen a significant business process improvement since introducing X-Info Plans Management”.

Jason Luichareonkit, Business Systems Manager, Zinfra



How it Works

X-Info Plans Management is a cloud hosted solution that provides a seamless workflow for DBYD enquirers to automatically collate utility responses within the same enquiry into a single repository. Once a DBYD enquiry is lodged, the system automatically creates a job folder for each enquiry and collates various responses from asset owners into a single job file. Users can easily track the status of each asset owners’ response via the dashboard interface. When all responses are received, the system will notify the nominated user/s via email or SMS so they can easily download the files.

Throughout the process, records of communications, contacts, procedures, documents and mapping can be recorded against each job providing a solid audit trail of information.

X-Info Plans Management is a flexible solution that can be configured to align to – and optimise – your existing business processes.




  • Reduces project planning risk
  • Reduces administration burden
  • Lower costs to projects
  • Increases job efficiency
  • Increases compliance
  • Improves the level of internal coordination and external service


  • Ability to view, share and download – all in one click
  • On demand and scheduled reports can be configured to enable better decision making and planning
  • Records of communications, contacts, procedures, documents and mapping can be recorded against each job