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Welcome to our Autumn newsletter for 2017!

In this edition, we provide a wrap up of our recent X-Info User Group meetings in NSW and WA, a sneak peak of the X-Info Connect Version 5.0 release, get to know a recent new starter Tony Battistel, share some insights about Alana O’Connor who was awarded the Mipela GeoSolutions “2016 Justin Fielke Wantok Annual PRIDE Award” by her peers and present another X-InFocus tech tip.

This issue also highlights:

  • How ElectraNet are using GIS to mitigate risk
  • A snap shot of our products used at APA over the last ten years
  • Our latest solution X-Info Plans Management to proactively manage your incoming Dial Before You Dig responses.

Growing companies know that IT is not an afterthought – it’s a critical framework driven by a strong team and connected by technology and processes, and it’s all about creating harmony between these moving parts. Who has time to sift through heaps of data, compile repetitive reports and get each piece of information to those who need it?

If you are looking to deliver relevant data (when and where it’s needed), tailor the experience to meet everyone’s needs and collaborate in real time to make better decisions, please contact us today to find out how we can help you.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and welcome our most recent new clients, City of Ballarat, Integrated Precision Viticulture, Riverina Water County Council and Wright Mining Consultants. We look forward to continuing our passion of connecting people with information.

Hayden McDonald
Managing Director

X-Info Product Roadmap Update

X-Info Connect 5.0 will be available in May 2017!

The product will include a new component for Users to perform common activities in a simple, intuitive way. The interface can be customised for Users and show activities they would commonly perform, making it easier to capture data and define workflow processes.

Here’s a sneak peak of the exciting new features in X-Info Connect 5.0:

  • Enabling Users to view tasks only assigned to them and accessing these easily
  • Providing simple, quick data capture that can be delivered in different formats, such as wizards and pop-up windows
  • Easily access data by opening specific items or performing tailored searches with predefined search parameters
  • View data in a tab based interface which allows numerous items to be open simultaneously
  • Perform tasks specific to an item by defining customised tools in the toolbar
  • Share tailored reports and charts to specific Users

Please note priority one bug fixes will be released when required and will be available for all clients under maintenance from our X-Info Suite product updates website.

For further information on X-Info Connect, please contact us on 1300 807 770.

Using GIS to mitigate risk

One of Mipela’s long term South Australian clients, ElectraNet, recently asked us to undertake a couple of interesting projects that are worth sharing:

Bushfire Risk Analysis

GIS analysis is undertaken based on land use codes to identify the risk associated near nominated assets. Calculations may vary based on vegetation density, vegetation type and climatic variables as well as high voltage ratings, hardware and componentry. These are just a few considerations that can be used to determine what vegetation management tactics should be recommended to minimise bushfire risk. These proactive measures can also contribute to significant cost savings of insurance premiums.

Route analysis

Have you ever wondered how the initial corridor for a linear asset (like a powerline or a pipeline) is determined? Basically, based on a series of pre determined constraints, geospatial analysis is conducted across multiple layers of data to conclude on the most appropriate path for the asset. This doesn’t always result in the actual outcome as there are many other constraints to be considered like social and cultural aspects. The route analysis is just a small part of the route selection process.

Congratulations Alana!

The recipient of 2016 Mipela’s Annual PRIDE Award

During the year, Mipela runs an internal awards program aimed at recognising Wantoks (teammates) who strive for excellence in line with our company values.

The PRIDE award (Personal Recognition in Delivering Excellence) is a popular way for peers and clients alike to acknowledge great technical excellence, customer service, team work, innovation & creativity and communication.

PRIDE awards are issued monthly and recipients receive a gift and a certificate of recognition. At the end of the year we tally up the year’s votes and present the winner with the “Justin Fielke Wantok Annual PRIDE Award” and an awesome prize.

2016’s winner was announced just before Christmas and our Adelaide based Alana O’Connor was the well deserved recipient.

Congrats Alana on being a gut tumas wantok!

X-Info Aware location tab

The Location tab will display any objects (properties, facilities, pipelines, etc.) with defined location layers and tasks that have location information. When an object is selected from the location tab, associated available tasks will be displayed and can be selected for the object.

Q1: Can I see Assigned Tasks near my current location?
A1: To see Assigned Tasks near your current location, ensure layers are turned on in the Location Tab. Zoom and pan to your current location, any assigned tasks near your location will display as a marker pin. Clicking on the marker pin will display the assigned task that is available. Clicking on the Assigned Task will take you to the task to complete.

Q2: Can I populate available forms for properties near my current location?
A2: Yes, to show available forms for properties around you, turn on the available layers function. The properties will then be defined with a marker pin. When more than one property is close, the marker will display a clustered marker with a counter.

Q3: Can I see available information for a property?
A3: To view available information click on the marker pin showing for the property. Select the property from the available list and available information for the selected property will display as information only.

If you would like further information or assistance on how to get the most out of X-Info Aware, please contact the MG Support Team on 1300 857 870.

Together, we grow

APA Group has grown to be Australia’s number one gas infrastructure business which operates more than $20 billion worth of assets.

Mipela is proud to have worked alongside APA since the 2000’s. Here’s a timeline that demonstrates how we have supported APA since 2007 using our X-Info product suite.

X-Info Plans Management

The “no brainer” solution to manage your incoming Dial Before You Dig responses

If your team are lodging large quantities of Dial Before You Dig enquiries with, then we’ve got something you might be interested in.

X-Info Plans Management is a browser based solution that automates the collation of your incoming DBYD responses. Once all responses against an enquiry have been received, each nominated user will receive an email directly to advise them that the enquiry has been fulfilled – it’s that simple! Within that email they will receive a hyperlink to all of the information sent by the asset owners – including the email content and any attachments (which is often where the really important information is) and a link directly to the X-Info Plans Management dashboard so that they can check on any of the detail.

Not only does X-Info Plans Management significantly reduce the administration burden on your projects, it increases compliance and reduces project planning risks through proactive features such as automatically reminding you every 28 days when your current dials are due to expire.

In summary, X-Info Plans Management gives you a peace of mind that all DBYD enquiries are followed through accordingly. It’s a no brainer, really.

If you would like to organise a demo of X-Info Plans Management, please contact Mipela on 1300 807 770 or email us.

Racing with Mipela GeoSolutions 2107

Over 80 clients, partners and friends of the Mipela family participated in the 8th Annual Mipela GeoSolutions Client Raceday held on Saturday, 25 March at Doomben. As the fun and frivolity built, the drinks flowed and the crowd cheered louder with each race.

As in the past, we all collaborated to choose a horse to place a charity bet on for the last race of the day. This year, our chosen horse Time to Torque did us proud and came in second. The Royal Flying Doctors Service was once again the recipient of  the winnings – $710.50.

We really consider ourselves quite lucky to be associated with such awesome people.

Good to have you back, Tony!

Tony has recently rejoined the Mipela family as our GIS Specialist. Outside of work, Tony’s passion is the earth and its many wonderful (sometimes hidden) landscapes. Tony grew up near the Coast Mountains in western Canada and is constantly on the hunt for new national parks to visit and summits to conquer.

He is very enthusiastic about the power of maps and GIS for conveying information, and in his spare time uses QuantumGIS on personal hobby projects. He believes that maps are one of the greatest ways to get a point across. They can be beautiful, informative and almost always more memorable than a chart or table.

Using his GIS skills and uni physics background, Tony hopes to work in a role that contributes to sustainability in the energy or water industry. He is pursuing a Master of Natural Resource Management outside of work and plans to focus his research on some aspect of the energy supply chain.

Tony found Mipela to be an amazing place to work because of the culture and atmosphere. Employees here feel valued, included, and can easily access the knowledge and experience of their coworkers.

X-Info User Group updates

The end of January 2017 saw a group of NSW based current and potential X-Info Suite users come together for the first NSW X-Info User Group. Hosted by AGL Energy Limited, the session created a networking platform where X-Info community could congregate, learn and exchange ideas and information on how they utilise X-Info products and solutions in their businesses. During the session, the attendees got to see how AGL uses X-Info Suite as their main platform to manage its Lands, Projects, Assets and Property Management across its portfolio.

In March 2017, we saw the second X-Info User Group session in Perth with DBP returning as our gracious host. With interoperability as the key subject, DBP demonstrated how they utilise X-Info Suite to integrate its DBYD system with its landowner management system.

We would like to thank our hosts, Doug Hunt from AGL and Neil Parry and John Quigley from DBP for taking time from their busy schedules to impart their X-Info knowledge and experiences with the group of keen and enthusiastic attendees.

We will maintain the X-Info User Group momentum by organising these events across the country throughout the year. If you would like to be involved in our next user group, keep an eye on our posts on LinkedIn, our website events page or contact us directly at 1300 807 770 to register.

Mark your calendar, Victorians! Our next X-Info user group session is taking place on 21 June 2017 in Melbourne. More information will be released closer to date. Stay tuned.


The following posts are from previous newsletters.

Tap Into Expertise

Welcome to our Summer newsletter for 2016!

In this edition read about tapping into our expertise to meet compliance needs in your organisation. We share our most recent client success stories – Zinfra’s roll-out of their paperless field workforce management using X-Info Aware for the Environmental Mapping and Social Impact Assessment of Total’s Papua LNG Project, along with our latest features released in our X-Info Suite of software.

It starts so simple. You have a business problem and you need data to answer it. You find that data, copy it into a spreadsheet and then realise you need additional information, so you bring that in too. Then you commence formulating, formatting, graphing, until you have all the data you need in tiny rows and columns, then you share it with your boss and they love it!

Victory right? No, this is the worst possible scenario.

Now your boss wants the same information provided weekly, printed and stacked on their desk. You have now accidentally created a manual process that will consume 20% of your work week with no end in sight. Now think of it from your CEO’s perspective; this is happening in dozens of departments across the organisation adding up to truck-loads of inefficiency.

So let’s put an end to this and use X-Info Suite to enable your world. When you connect your spreadsheet with X-Info Suite, it automatically syncs your data into a centralised database as the single source of truth, keeping it up-to-date; it helps you turn columns and rows of data into powerful visualisation, making your data actionable, which makes collaboration and sharing simple; and most importantly it gives you the freedom to spend less time on manual reporting and more doing what you do best. If this sounds familiar and you would like to tap into our expertise to automate workflows and share the knowledge in your organisation please contact us for a demo.

I would also like to recognise, and welcome to the Mipela family, our new Clients, City of Mitcham (SA), City of Santa Cruz (California, USA), Indigenous Services (WA), TPG Telecom and Zinfra.

Finally, I thank you for your trust and support through 2016. On behalf of the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, we wish you and your family a happy Christmas and safe travels during the festive season. We look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

A snapshot of our Quarterly Product Updates

We are pleased to announce the quarterly release of our X-Info products. Take a look at a snapshot of some of the new features:

X-Info Connect tagline 96dpi 4.3


  • Object Type List Fields – Picker configuration to allow configuration of the data that is displayed to users
  • Spellchecker for Text Fields
  • Reports – Exports to PDF and add communication
  • Report Designer to simplify the creation of report templates

X-Info WebConnect tagline 96dpi 4.3


  • Image can now be marked up to allow quick sketches and text to be added to images
  • Customisable Reports can now be added to the home page. The report templates can be changed to filter the report content, enable and disable certain parts of the report as well as modify blocks of text within the report.

X-Info Aware tagline 96dpi 2.3


  • GPS tracking allows users to capture line or polygon objects
  • Users can now email or phone directly from email and phone fields using their default email app on their phone or call from their phone
  • Assigned tasks can be reordered
  • A Clear All button is now avaliabe for paused tasks
  • Summary fields are now displayed as fields in Capture Forms
  • Speed enhancements have been added to show download data status on Users devices.

Real time data capture and reporting in remote field environment made possible with X-Info Aware

The Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) is the only pipeline supplying natural gas to Tasmania. It transports natural gas from Longford in Victoria, under Bass Strait, to Bell Bay in Tasmania.

The TGP asset is owned by Palisade, and Zinfra has operated, maintained and undertaken minor construction activities on the gas pipe for 14 years, since it was commissioned in 2002, under a field services agreement (FSA). Zinfra delivers a comprehensive range of engineering, operations, maintenance and construction services to the utility infrastructure sector nationally.

Zinfra has used Mipela software solutions for their operations and maintenance work since 2012, using X-Info Suite, consisting of X-Info Connect, X-Info Maps and the integration with Maintenance Connection for automated Dial Before You Dig responses, works management for third party crossings, and to manage communications with landholders along the pipelines.

By implementing the new X-Info Aware application, field workers can now collect data on site at third party crossing locations. Other field data collection tasks have been streamlined into X-Info Suite, allowing the decommission of their old data collection systems entirely. Zinfra can now also assign tasks to their crews in the field and undertake regular checks of the pipeline, based on work orders generated in Maintenance Connection, from both the air and ground to keep informed of issues affecting the pipeline’s operation in real time.

“Implementing X-Info Aware for Zinfra’s data capture – which includes cathodic protection, aerial patrols and pipeline faults – has improved not only our workflow and record keeping, but keeps us up to date with current technologies available. We also have other connections that are linked together, including DBYD and Landholder Database, as well as a live system which is very important for our employees to ensure they have the most up to date data when in the field.”

Graeme Bystersky
Works Coordinator
Zinfra/Tasmanian Gas Pipeline

“With Mipela’s suite of products we were able to tailor what we needed to deliver for our client. Over the past four years we have found a solution that not only meets our client’s needs but keeps our field employees up to date with live updates and work flows that save time, keep data current and easier to manage. When working with Mipela our team has found they have a “can do, nothing is a problem” attitude with continual improvement always at the front of their mind. It’s always a pleasure dealing with Mipela and I look forward to working on the next project with them.”

Matthew Stewart
Operator of the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline – Zinfra

X-Info SMS suite – Safety Management Study

X-Info SMS suite is the latest offering by Mipela that is specifically designed to provide pipeline owners with a comprehensive system that can manage the Clients tasks associated with the operation, maintenance, suspension of operation, decommissioning and abandonment along with all their proposed transmission pipeline asset projects AS2885 workflows, quality control and reporting.

AS2885 requires Licensee Approval for Safety Management Studies. X-Info SMS suite ensures that Client’s key management personnel are fully informed of the operational risks associated with the operating assets. It is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution that gathers, stores, displays and reports on information pertaining to design, safety and operational related hazards that cause or are capable of causing loss of pipeline integrity associated with the pipeline infrastructure (as set out in AS2885).

X-Info SMS suite can provide a full pipeline safety management study (generally for new assets), safety management study reviews (generally a five year style review) and local adhoc reviews as necessary for specific issues.


  • Updates and revises your pipelines Threat Libraries to maintain AS2885 compliance
  • Location analysis
  • Threats identification
  • External interference protection in accordance with AS2885 standard
  • Other threats and mitigation measures
  • Failure analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Reports and outstanding actions
  • Filing – numerous types of important data.

Mipela continues its GIS support on the Papua LNG Project

In 2015 Mipela provided ongoing GIS support to ERIAS Group during phase 1 of the Elk-Antelope LNG field (PRL-15) development (Social and Environmental Screening Studies). This task was as part of the feasibility study for the Papua LNG Project.

The Papua LNG Project is one of the few greenfield LNG projects worldwide.

ERIAS Group successfully bid to undertake phase 2 – Environmental Impact Study and Environmental, Social, Health Impact Assessment studies for Total, operator of the Papua LNG Project. These studies will allow Total to secure an Environmental Permit for the Project under the Environment Act 2000. The Mipela GeoSolutions GIS team have been engaged for the past twelve months supporting ERIAS Group mapping and spatial data for phase 2.

The following Milestones have been achieved during this period:

  • 465 maps produced\revised
  • 990 data transactions

Key Project Infrastructure components

  • LNG plant to be located at Caution Bay, approximately 20km north-west of Port Moresby and adjacent to the Exxon-Mobil PNG LNG Project site
  • An upstream central processing facility, to be located west of the Herd Base in PRL 15, close to the Purari River
  • Pipelines – approximately 75km onshore and 265km offshore pipeline, plus a separate gas and condensate pipeline yet to be determined.

Handy tips and hints for X-Info Maps

Q1: I want to add data to my X-Info Maps project, what data types can I import?
A1: X-Info Maps will support the following GIS data formats.

ESRI Personal GeoDatabases, File Geodatabases,
ArcSDE and shp files, Pitney Bowes MapInfo tab,Oracle and Oracle Spatial, SQL Server and SQL Server Spatial, KMLs and GMLs, MS Access .mdb, WFS, X-Info Maps, Other
formats using Safe Softwares FME (eg. Smallworld)
GeoTiff (TIFF), TIFF (with world file – tfw or MapInfo Tab header file), ERmapper Compressed Wavelet – ECW, JPEG – JPG (with world file – jgw), JPEG2000 – jp2, WMS

Document type data formats include Word, Excel and PDF.

Q2: I don’t have any background layers, is there a free option to make my project look more pleasing to the eye?
A2: Yes, as a default in X-Info Maps, you have the option to add Open Street Maps (OSM) at no cost to you.

Q3: How do I add the OSM layer?
A3: Follow these steps:

  • Select your project from the project list and select the Project Settings tool
  • Select the Import Data Layers tool and for the ‘Dataset Type’ select ‘Default Background Layers’
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Select the ‘Open Street Maps’ tickbox and click ‘Finish’
  • Close the project. Make sure you select OK when asked if you want to save the changes.

Q4: Can I zoom to a known street address in Maps?
A4: Yes (refer image).

  1. When in the Maps interface, select the Find Address tool
  2. Type in the known address
  3. Select the ‘Search’ button
  4. Select the address from the list. The Maps window will zoom.

If you would like further information or assistance on the tips and hints above, please contact the MG Support Team at

Bring ideas to life

One of IT’s biggest challenge today is delivering all the new solutions that business users are demanding.

Fully integrated with backend systems (asset management, CRM, document management, finance, GIS, to name a few) and that work simply on any device. They need to be ready in days, not months. They need to be able to adapt to ever changing business requirements. Deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment, that work on and off-line, in the office or the field, even worse with scares resources and ever shrinking budgets, that’s why they say IT is not easy these days.

That is why more and more companies these days are turning to Mipela GeoSolutions for the suite of tools they need to rapidly deliver sophisticated digital solutions for desktop, Internet and mobile. With Mipela GeoSolutions X-Info Suite you can configure all sorts of business solutions in a fraction of the time and cost with the resources you already have.

You can quickly build incredible user interfaces with powerful business logic and workflows without having to master difficult technologies and languages. Plus all backend systems are integrated with X-Info’s powerful and simple connectors, tasks and reporting engine. You can configure native device applications that allows you to access Maps, GPS and camera, providing your users with amazing experiences that work out-of-the-box.

X-Info Suite data capture, management, visualisation and delivery software are your tools to collaborate, create, refine and deliver solutions. We have helped hundreds of companies in the Energy and Infrastructure sector, bring their ideas to life, faster and better than ever.

A snapshot of our Quarterly Product Updates

The latest quarterly release for X-Info products has been announced. Here’s a snapshot of the latest features:

X-Info Connect tagline 96dpi 4.2

  • Summary field enhancement
  • InConn tracking column
  • Picker filters for all object types
  • Client connection speed and performance enhancement
  • User friendly features including collapsible object lists, multi-select and click and drag

X-Info WebConnect tagline 96dpi 4.2

  • Quick Create buttons
  • Link directly to an object button
  • User profile management
  • WebConnect branding options
  • Easier control group expend/collapse
  • Easier control group expand/collapse
  • Improved overview icons

X-Info Aware tagline 96dpi 2.2

  • Location tab now displays location layers and assigned tasks and paused tasks
  • Markup image field
  • New signature field



X-Info Maps tagline 96dpi  5.7

  • Support for new file types and databases
  • Maintenance Connection v7.0 support
  • Parallel processing of DBYD projects

For detailed information, please contact our Support team on 1300 807 7700.

Strategic Partnership: Maintenance Connection Inc and Mipela GeoSolutions integrate Facility Maintenance and Asset Management Software with Maps

Sacramento (California, USA) and Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) – Maintenance Connection Inc (MC), one of the dominant solutions providers delivering quality Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) to organizations around the world, and Mipela GeoSolutions (MG) a professional Geographical Information Systems (GIS) services company and premier location information software specialist is about to announce a new strategic partnership at MC’s Annual User Group seminar called Checkpoint held 3 – 5 October 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland on the east coast of the United States.

“We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with Maintenance Connection. By combining Mipela GeoSolution’s expertise in GIS to visually unlock Maintenance Connection asset and facility data for users. With Maintenance Connection’s vision of all aspects of a maintenance operation, all packaged in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows MC users to manage maintenance, not software.” said Hayden McDonald, Founder and Managing Director of Mipela GeoSolutions.

The partnership will combine MC’s expertise in Facility Maintenance and Asset Management software with MG’s GIS service and X-Info Suite software platform to deliver seamless spatial integration for Maintenance Connection.

What’s new?

  • Seamlessly integrates your enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) and Maintenance Connection system by embedding maps directly into Maintenance Connection’s CMMS solution.
  • Brings Maintenance Connection and GIS together by map-enabling your Maintenance Connection system, and integrating Maintenance Connection and GIS at both the data and application levels.
  • Search Maintenance Connection spatially, using virtually unlimited parameters for a user-defined region or area on the map.

First X-Info User Group wrap-up: From vision to action

The inception of X-Info User Group early this year began with a vision to create a networking platform where X-Info community congregates, learn and exchange ideas and information on how they utilise X-Info products and solutions in their businesses.

On 25 February 2016, we launched our first X-Info User Group in Adelaide with ElectraNet as our host of the event. The event was an instant hit and since then, we have been organising back to back user group sessions across the states covering Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Over the last 6 months, we have discussed broad range of topics on how X-Info products and services have been utilised differently across various business functions including business process improvements, migration of legacy system, creating and sustaining stakeholders’ engagement and managing end to end DBYD processes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our gracious hosts for turning our vision into a reality. Our sincere gratitude to ElectraNet, DBP, Powerlink, CNC Project Management and CitiPower Powercor for their support, without them X-Info User Group sessions will not be possible. We would also like to thank all attendees for their participation and continuously injecting fresh ideas to help us improve.


Our upcoming X-Info User Group in Adelaide takes place on 29 September at 4pm in our Adelaide office. We will be mixing business with pleasure by hosting a beer tasting and providing attendees with the change to use X-Info Aware on their own devices.

There will also be a presentation by APA Group, on how they are using X-Info DBYD suite and its complexities.

Get in touch!

If you are interested to host our next X-Info User Group event, please get in touch with Phoebe Tan.

If you would like to participate, keep and eye on our posts on LindkedIn or contact us directly on 1300 807 770 to register.

Property Information Service made easy

Since its inception, Queensland Urban Utilities had primarily sourced its property information from Brisbane City Council’s Coreland application. On 30 June 2016, this arrangement ceased and an alternative data source was required. Queensland Urban Utilities’ area of interest covers five Councils – Brisbane, Somerset, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and the Scenic Rim Regional Councils – and the solution needed to align the process of acquiring property data across all regions.

Queensland Urban Utilities selected Mipela to provide a suitable Property Information Service solution that would support business functions including; billing, managing customer enquiries (via the Contact Centre, mail, email and social media), maintenance operations for meter reading, and spatial analysis for asset capital works and operational planning. The objectives of the project were to reduce costs associated with acquiring property data, improve accuracy of the data, and align acquisition of the data to enable a more efficient use of data within the business.

The Property Information Service was designed using Mipela’s X-Info Connect, with X-Info WebConnect providing a browser based lookup interface for staff to reference both historical and the ongoing new data.

Property, ownership, valuation and geographic information from Department of Natural Resources and Mines is combined into a database within X-Info Connect and automatically updated daily, with the service checking each data source for any changes. This data is then automatically delivered from X-Info Connect for consumption by the business for various purposes.

The Property Information Service has been established with future requirements in mind, as additional Queensland Urban Utilities applications come to require access to property information. This cloud based solution is fully managed by Mipela, with no administrative requirements by Queensland Urban Utilities staff.

Now, large volumes of data and updates are received and automatically processed for delivery by X-Info Connect into the Property Information Service. The integrity of the data has significantly increased and there is an increased level of comfort in the data being received. Queensland Urban Utilities has provided the business with a cost saving, reliable source of property information that can be used by various areas of the business in a consumable format.

Handy tips for X-Info Connect

Q1: My Connection Explorer Window has disappeared; is there a way to restore it?

A1: The default layout can be reset if required under the View Menu. This will restore any windows that have been closed. To do this select View > Reset Panel Layout.

Q2: Is communication filtering possible while on the Communication Tab?

A2: Yes. To allow communication filtering select User Preferences > Lists and then tick the checkbox on for “Allow communication filtering”. This will allow you to apply various filters to the Communication Tab.

Q3: There is an Entity that is linked to multiple Projects Groups in the Connection. Is it possible to view all Communications for that Entity without clicking wherever the Entity is linked in the Connection?

A3: Yes, it is possible to view all communications related to an Entity. To do this, click on the Entity and navigate to the Communications Tab. Then select the “Show all communications for this entity” button from the toolbar. All communications will now display in the Communication Summary field, the communications in blue are those that have been entered at a different area in the Connection.

Your competitive advantage in field service management

We are in a new era of oil and gas exploration and production. With commodity prices being in a slump many new developments across the world have been shelved. In Queensland we have seen all three LNG proponents, QCLNG, GLNG, and APLNG scale back their development expenditures. Understandably the focus for all these energy companies has switched to getting the most out of their existing assets.

As energy and infrastructure companies move from construction into operational mode, they require vendors with matching skill sets. This new era of work requires groups who can service multiple sites in an efficient and cost effective manner. The companies that are able to flourish in this competitive phase are only able to win contracts if they are able to demonstrate a serious competitive advantage.

Mipela GeoSolutions is excited to announce the launch of X-info Service Suite. X-info Service suite has been designed as an out of the box configurable online tool which streamlines the way in which its users receive work orders from their customers and provide work instructions to their employees in the field. Its field data capture capabilities then allow everyone to see and understand which tasks were completed on each site.

We have developed this tool to help service companies drive value through efficient and clear communication with both their clients and service technicians. We have a proven track record of giving our clients a clear competitive advantage though X-info Service Suite.

Striving for continuous improvement

Teamwork represents one of Mipela’s five Core Values, the others being Communication, Customer Service, Technical Competency, Innovation and Creativity. These values, I am sure you will agree, are essential to ensure the successful delivery of any project.

However, as a business we are always striving for continuous improvement. Therefore, we truly value the feedback received from our Annual Client Satisfaction Survey and intend to focus over the next twelve months on the following:

  • Regular X-Info Group meetings
  • Continue face to face interactions
  • Foster candour in our relationships
  • Develop modular training components
  • Uphold our ‘Continuous Learning Model’


Tips and Tricks: Communications Tab in X-Info Connect

Q1: Can I filter the records shown in the Communications tab?

A1: A filter bar can be displayed for the Communications tab to filter the lists of records shown. The filter bar will be displayed above the list window and allows users to build a filter expression
to display only records matching the criteria.

To allow communication filtering, open the User Preferences and go to the Lists Tab. Tick the ‘Allow communication filtering’ checkbox and OK to apply the changes.

Q2: When filtering, how can multiple values be easily selected?

A2: When a field is first added to a filter it will show a drop down list of the available, unique values. As a filter value is selected the drop down list will disappear. If you would like to build a filter that uses multiple values click and hold the “Ctrl” button. The “Ctrl” button will allow you to easily select multiple values from the picklist.

Q3: The headings aren’t displaying the information I need. Can I customise my view?

A3: The configuration of any data displayed in tabular format can be changed by re-ordering or adding and removing columns.

To configure, right click in the tabular display and select Configure and then select Tabular Settings. The settings displayed include grouping and sorting fi elds, and the column settings. In the
columns settings the columns displayed can be configured by selecting or removing them from the display and reordering them.

To select the heading columns to be displayed, select the checkbox next to the column name. To change the order, select the column and click on the Move buttons at the top of the list.

If you would like further information on the Communications Tab, please contact the Mipela Support Team at


Remote field task management and data capture providing results for real time consumption for Veolia

Veolia is a global leader in environmental solutions, working closely with some of Australia’s largest companies to help them reach their sustainability goals. Veolia is governed by an adherence to the highest levels of safety, no compromises and work in partnership with its clients to minimise hazards, reduce risk and build a respected and lively safety culture.

In late 2015, Veolia successfully won the vegetation management services contract with QGC. This body of work includes the management of remote maintenance teams to undertake assigned tasks and report back in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Having worked with Mipela since 2009, the team at Veolia partnered with Mipela to configure a hosted solution that not only managed the tasks for the remote workers via a tablet device but also provided automated reporting to both Veolia and their client QGC, offering transparency of activities and real time results. The solution had to be fluid enough to handle changes from Veolia’s client, QGC. Mipela were agile in their approach to the deployment and could quickly scope and configure variations collaboratively as they were required.

Mipela implemented X-Info Connect to manage, manipulate and report on the data; X-Info Aware to capture the data in the field on users mobile tablets; and X-Info WebConnect to provide a browser based interface into select data for QGC and the maintenance companies.

In early 2016 Veolia’s first work crew undertook their assigned maintenance task near Miles in the Surat Basin. Before and after photos were captured as part of the task process. Information on herbicides used were also collected as part of the maintenance process and reported accordingly. This information was then available for consumption by the Veolia team in real time for review, analysis and subsequent reporting to their client, QGC.

In summary, real time reporting of remote field activities is available using mobile devices. Tasks, scheduled or adhoc can trigger additional actions, such as emails or SMS, to notify others of issues or risks.

X-Info Aware tagline 96dpi

TGP optimises their field workforce with mobile data capture app

Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) were one of our first clients to test the X-Info Aware mobile data capture app over the last 12 months and have made the decision to fully adopt the product into their business.

X-Info Aware has been implemented to allow for end to end process automation. Using step procedures generated when Dial Before You Dig enquiries are submitted, the office staff are able to assign data collection forms to the field staff. This enables field crews to access and complete their daily task lists on their devices and send their data back to the office in real time.

TGP are now looking to further streamline their field data collection tasks by adding new data capture forms to their system to enable both adhoc and assigned tasks to be completed in the field and integrated back into the central database, streamlining data capture processes, improving audit and reporting functionality and eliminating manual processing from their day to day activities.

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More than just maps… How do we add value to your GIS?

At Mipela GeoSolutions our team uses a variety of systems and procedures to maximise your GIS productivity. It is not just about the maps. It is about efficiently integrating or massaging the data you have into information products and solutions. These products inform decision making in your organisation.

Mipela have built systems and workflows around GIS Work Request systems, Data Management logs, QC Checklists, Job Tracking, Issue logs. These systems are integrated into our GIS Project Management adding value to your project by ensuring knowledge retention, Continuous Learning, Quality Control and Continuity Assurance.


Value is not just Cost and Time. What is your expectation about the Quality and Service you receive? Service is supported by Communication, which is fundamental to our Project Management system. Regular reporting, emails, phone conversations and meetings are all logged for the benefit of the entire team, not just the parties involved. Our Team approach means we work with you to achieve required outcomes.

The quality of the service we offer is managed by our QC System and peer review process. Our GIS team have degrees in Surveying, Engineering, Mathematics and the Spatial Sciences. This diverse qualification pool brings together different skill sets that are applied to problem solving and crafting your solution. The team is constantly looking to automate and optimise repetitive tasks. This results in faster, more consistent solutions.


Our team GIS Specialists are competent in the major Industry Desktop products as well as open-source tools. We are able to provide on site GIS support, but can also work remotely if required.

Our systems are under constant review. All lessons learned are fed back to improve the process and solutions we deliver.

Continuous Learning and Feedback

Feedback and learning from experience are a crucial aspect of the GIS Services team. Using X-info Connect, issues and solutions are captured on the job.

This information is distributed via logs and reports to internal and external teams. Each piece of information is tracked from inception to resolution, including technical solutions and constraints.

Information distribution promotes the knowledge base of the team ensuring growth and development, whilst maximising knowledge retention and technical continuity assurance for our clients.

Working together as a team towards greater success

In the following articles, we provide a wrap-up of our recent X-Info User Group meeting in Adelaide, an update of the X-Info suite Product Roadmap and present another X-InFocus tech tip.

We provide you with a client success story on Gladstone Area Water Board’s adoption of the X-Info DBYD Suite Works Management solution.

We believe it takes a great workplace to produce great work. We’ve built a collaborative and people-focused culture that drives our business. We’re all unique, with our own skills, knowledge and personalities, and it’s these differences that allow us to compliment and learn from each other, to support each other, and most importantly it’s what unites us as a company. So it’s with great pleasure we share some insights about Rob Choucroun who was awarded the Mipela GeoSolutions “2015 Justin Fielke Wantok Annual PRIDE Award” by his peers in this issue.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank ElectraNet who recently hosted our inaugural X-Info User Group meeting in Adelaide, and in particular, David Manley, whose passion about his work in community relations and landowner engagement was evident for all those who attended. I believe what sets David apart is his inclusion of his team internally within the business in building their capability and his constant thirst for knowledge on how they are travelling in the industry to share what they are doing internal with peers externally. This is a credit to his leadership style, the company’s commitment to ongoing professional development and their continuous improvement ethos.


Filtering X-Info Connect

The filter function enables users to find, view and report on data within a connection by defining specific criteria.

The filter criteria can be typed in or easily built from a list of available filter fields. The filter expression builder assists the user to construct the filter criteria using ‘format hinting’ which prompts them with filter options that are valid at that point in the filter specification.

Filtering is available wherever the Build Expression button is displayed within the connection. The fields that can be filtered will depend on the fields that have been added to the connection and will vary.

Filter Criteria

The filter criteria are entered as a text string. Data within the connection matching the criteria will be displayed either within the selected report or in the find results window. Criteria are specified in the format ‘field:property’, and any number of criteria in this format can be included in the filter string. When the filter field is entered (or selected), any matching properties for that field are shown and can be selected into the criteria.

An example would be: I want to find all of the Registered Owners in Postcode 4001. The filter for this would be – contact.
postcode:”4001” contact.type: “Registered Owner”.

Anything displayed in the field that is enclosed in “inverted commas” will search for an exact match. Anything not enclosed will search for any of the data.

If you would like further information on the Find function please contact the Mipela Support Team at

Automated back end processes provides Gladstone Area Water Board with improved responsiveness for issuing of permits

The repetitive manual processing involved in handling communications, issuance of Permit to Work and data management within Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) in response to their DBYD enquiries has proven to be time and resource intensive and prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Mipela implemented a Works Management solution for GAWB to provide a seamless workflow automation solution to view, action and report inquiries that have authority to conduct proposed works in the vicinity of GAWB’s infrastructure from X-Info DBYD suite for their “Permit to Work” processes. The objective was to automate back end processes and centralise data to create certainty and responsive issuing of permits and reports.

With a fully automated Works Management module in place, GAWB is able to view, action and report on asset queries such as Permit to Works applications, resulting in massive improvement in turnaround time for permit issuance.

The automated workflow has also significantly increased workflow accuracy and compliance to processes and information coming from a single source of truth. The on demand reports enable GAWB with visibility and control which will assist with better decision making and proactive asset management.

The project has resulted in an internal “Safety Challenge” award to the GAWB team who submitted the project as a work process initiative by changing the way they do things to manage and remove risks when working in or around concealed infrastructure.

To find out if Mipela’s Works Management solution can meet your business reporting needs please contact Phoebe Tan, Business Development Executive on 1300 807 770.

Summer 2015

Four steps for effective business process improvement

The demand to simplify both informal and formal business processes continues to increase as expectations change, new technologies emerge and competition grows can be addressed by following these four steps:
1) Identify the need for change by reviewing current issues or potential risks which should consider how each process impacts your organisation, resources and stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.).
2) Once you have decided which process you are going to improve you can analyse the current procedure to set realistic improvement objectives by answering the following questions:
• What in the process is broken?
• Which steps in the process create roadblocks?
• Which step requires the most time to complete?
• Which step causes the most delays?
• Are there any steps that cause costs/resources to go up?
• Are there any steps that cause quality to go down?
3) It is crucial that management understands the need for change to ensure they will support recommendations.
4) Create an Improvement Strategy that includes what steps in the process are broken, why and how they should be improved and any financial and resource implications.

If you are looking to gain operational efficiency, standardise data capture and business processes, increase visibility of information and business operations or enable collaboration amongst internal and external teams contact us today to discover how the X-Info products can simplify your day to day activities.

Summer 2015

What’s new in GIS?

Increasing numbers of mobile devices and access to data mean that more and more people are using GIS on a daily basis.

MOBILE: Users are now familiar with Google Maps, searching online for static locations, hotels, shops, restaurants and dynamic locations, the nearest taxi, traffic incidents, fire alerts and radar storm path models/animations. There are user expectations for spatial solutions and GIS is just a tool running in the background making the magic happen.

The ‘CLOUD’ has also changed how we store spatial data and the tools we use to analyse it. Esri have tackled the “Cloud” aspect with ArcGIS Pro (software as a service) and ArcGIS Earth which will replace Google Earth Enterprise (scheduled release “later this year”). GIS\IT Managers need to understand different cloud offerings and terminology as it gains popularity:
• IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service, for example, Amazon, Rackspace or Macquarie Telecom. You acquire virtual machines to run your applications
• PaaS: Platform as a Service, for example, Esri This is where you utilise a platform for sharing data, setting up web services
• SaaS: Software as a Service, for example, Xero where you use a payroll system and pay by the month, or for what you use.

DATA: The GIS Industry is expected to grow to a worldwide US$10.6 Billion by 2015. The largest demand is for GIS data, which has grown at a compound annual rate of 15.5% for the last eight years. Hitachi describe growing data volume trends from 300MB/km2 in the early 90’s, 25 GB/km2 in 2006 and PBs/km2 today. Sensors now capture full 3D data at rates of 8-20GB’s second!

Pitney-Bowes (PB) have responded to the need for interrogating large raster datasets introducing an innovative grid format called Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR).( MapInfo Pro 15.2 Available early November, 2015).

Accenture ‘2015 Oil and Gas Digital and Technology Trends Survey’ recently reported that mobility, infrastructure and collaboration technologies represent the biggest investment areas across the oil and gas industry, whilst Five of Gartner’s ‘Top 10 Technology Trends Impacting the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry’ (2015) relate to cloud, data & mobile solutions.

In conclusion GIS has moved beyond the ‘where’. Priority has shifted to ‘when’ and ‘how’. 4D GIS (XYZ and time) is the next major step. Add predictive modelling to the mix and proposed management actions (for example, timber harvesting and subsequent vegetation growth) can be introduced to look into the future. Tomorrow’s data structures will accommodate time as a stored dimension and completely change the conventional mapping paradigm. (A dynamic datum GDA2020 with time vectors, will be implemented by the ICSM
in Australia by 2023).

Summer 2015

Field Data Conversation Efficiency

Murray & Associates (Qld) Pty Ltd is a team of professional Land and Engineering Surveyors and Town Planners. They demonstrate integrity and professional commitment to Queensland service provision and were established in 1946.

Working on the Origin Gas Pipeline Project, Murray were collecting data in the field but needed to transfer that data in accordance with the Origin Field Data Collection Dictionary. After consulting with Mipela GeoSolutions, a three stage approach was agreed to conduct a Feasibility Study, Develop a Model then Operationalising that Model. The model processed the source shapefiles and converted them into feature classes in a file geodatabase as provided by Origin.

The feature mapping file defined which shapefiles were to be transferred to the corresponding feature classes. It was configured for one to one mapping, many to one mapping, or one to many mapping. In addition to the feature mapping file, there was an attribute mapping file for every shapefile/feature class relationship.

Murray & Associates director, Andrew Campbell said, “Murray & Associates has been really happy with the communication and clear strategy presented by Mipela from the outset of this project. Mipela are a very professional company and we look forward to working with Mipela in the future.”

In a nutshell, Murray’s were satisfied because their business process was enhanced and they were able to turnaround work for their clients quickly. Their client, Origin was also satisfied, for getting their data sooner and in a suitable format.

For more information, please contact Dirk Craigie.

Summer 2015

Continuous Learning Model

To ensure the effective use of the solutions being implemented at a day to day operational level, we recognise the importance of building “Capability” by training around the processes, data and roles within our teams. The purpose is to affect a positive outcome at a personal user’s level and team with the aim to increase the businesses overall capability.

From our Annual Client Satisfaction Survey early this year we made a commitment to implement a “Continuous Learning Model” with the aim to improve our skills, knowledge and awareness internally around our products and services which we would like to share.

When you consider that 90% of people Learn and Develop through Experience and Others, we have set out to develop regular Formal, Informal and Social pervasive training to increase both the level of expertise and capability in the company which includes:
• Formal instructor lead training in our products and services through structured courses. “Working Groups” are formed when we are looking to solve a problem which members from each team who meet on a regular basis are responsible for governance, implementation and communication of the “Continuous Improvement Strategy” program back to their maintenance activities.
• Informal training from super users, monthly Product lunch sessions and business process info sheets.
• Social training is on the job, applying the tools in day to day use with tips shared on our internal SharePoint site “TokSave” knowledge base for all to reference.

Some of the benefits of encouraging a learning culture within the organisation include:
• The performance of our users increase as they’re become more efficient.
• Recognising Team members’ efforts builds strong company morale.
• Teams are self-motivated, empowered and more organised.
• Healthy competition among the teams and team members’ usage of the system increases compliance in the company.
• The company as a whole is on a trend of small improvements which by nature is circular and self-repeating, thereby optimising our potential to achieve our goals.

For more information, please contact Hayden McDonald.

Summer 2015

Mandatory fields: Controlling Data Entry

Q1: What are mandatory fields?

A1: The mandatory setting can be applied to any new or existing field in X-Info Connect. End users cannot submit a record unless these fields are populated.

Q2: What field types can be made mandatory?

A2: The mandatory setting can be applied to any object and any field in X-Info Connect. This includes entity, contact or communication objects as well as text, checkbox, picklist list, object lists and more.

Q3: How do I apply a mandatory field?

A3: A system administrator can access the connection settings, select the relevant field and update the “Accessibility” from the default editable value to mandatory. Yes, it’s that simple.

Q4: What do my end users see when a field is mandatory?

A4: When a user creates a new record (eg. communication) the mandatory fields will display in red text. If the user tries to submit or select off the record without populating these fields a dialog box pops up advising which data needs to be entered. If users select “Yes” they navigate back to the record to complete the data entry. If users select “No” the record is removed.

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact the MG Support Team at or phone 1300 857 870.

Spring 2015

Treasure your data?

The volume of data businesses handle each year increases substantially as the business expands. It is critical therefore that the data is managed effectively and efficiently. Five data considerations are highlighted below:

  1. Good data should make it easy for your staff to identify and complete their daily assigned and ad-hoc tasks on any device.
  2. Decide what data you need to retain and how you intend to use it. For instance, how is the data going to help or improve your business processes and your bottom line?
  3. Collect data in a standardised format. Present staff with categories to guide their answers. A tick in a box is much easier to process, record and use than a typed word or phrase.
  4. Streamlining the business process from point of capture to storage. What is the final destination and what rules, processes, systems will you need to put in place to automate the delivery?
  5. Collecting data in line with privacy regulations. Consent is the most important factor in harvesting and retaining data.

If the issues above sound challenging or other data capture software problems make you feel like you can’t locate “X” on the map, give us a call. We can help.

Spring 2015

New, bold, brilliant – X-Info Aware

Mobilise your business activities through X-Info Aware, Mipela GeoSolutions mobile data capture app for use with X-Info Connect.

X-Info Aware enables the mobile workforce to transform complex repetitive work tasks and workflows into a simple user experience. It gives users rapid access to information anywhere, anytime.

X-Info Aware is designed to work with either a single X-Info Connect connection, or multiple simultaneous connections.

The data collected while mobile, is automatically synchronised directly with X-Info Connect when the device is connected to the internet.

Why X-Info Aware?

  • Mobile and efficient
  • Simple and spatially enabled
  • Seamless data integration and synchronisation
  • Easy workflow monitoring
  • Rapid access to information anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with Android

X-Info Aware is an easy to use digital solution that works anywhere using your existing mobile device.

Click here to check out more info on X-Info Aware.

Spring 2015

SEA Gas improves efficiency of land management

The importance of effectively tracking, analysing and managing company information is recognised throughout the business world as an integral part of doing business.

SEA Gas is a partnership that has been established to develop, own and operate the underground pipeline system transporting natural gas from Iona, northeast of Port Campbell to both South Australia and Victoria. SEA Gas employs its own staff to manage and operate the pipeline system and was seeking to upgrade information management systems used to assist in managing its landholder and community relationship data.

SEA Gas was capturing data in multiple databases resulting in inefficiencies in data handling, potential introduction of errors and delays in information collected being available to the team. They recognised that being able to capture data accurately once and then use it many times would improve efficiency and in turn reduce costs.

Enter Mipela GeoSolutions.

Mipela GeoSolutions offered SEA Gas a solution with its X-Info Suite Online. The solution is fully supported and maintained, reliable and easy to use, allowing users to:

  • Record landholder, property information, contacts, conversations, emails and other relevant communications for many parcels of land and hundreds of landowners
  • Seamlessly integrate maps/corporate GIS into stakeholder, property and information from a variety of mapping systems and external data
  • Provide links within the software to relevant documents stored on the server or hyperlinks to relevant websites that can assist with the preparation of documents
  • Provide simultaneous secure access to information for an unlimited number of internal and authorised external users, when required

The aim for SEA Gas was to have a robust system that supported and streamlined the existing . The company wanted to ensure a future where they had auditable records of communicating with  on safety matters and could be assured of accurately tracking landholder issues to resolution. Since getting X-Info Suite operational, SEA Gas has been able to capture more and better quality information.

“We really like working with Mipela” said Scott Clune Maintenance Systems and Land Liaison Officer for SEA Gas. “Moving onto X-Info Suite has made us more efficient, more consistent and we are easily able to access up to date information as a consequence and integrate it into our integrity management programme”.

The  solution takes the core functions of Stakeholder Relations Management, Project, GIS Services, Live Property Updates and Document Management Systems and integrates them into a unified knowledge solution for clients business.

Spring 2015

Reach your business potential with X-Info Aware

X-Info Aware replaces outdated, repetitive and manual processes for capturing data with a simplified digital solution that works anywhere using your existing mobile device. Your field staff workflows are automated, corporate systems integrated and reporting optimised with captured data immediately available to decision makers through X-Info Connect.

Simplify operations: To assist you in running your business at its optimum efficiency, X-Info Aware’s forms replace repetitive, manual paper based processes within your business with real-time assigned and ad-hoc tasks, depending on your field workforce’s role and geographic location.

Improve data quality: Easy-to-use forms ensure data is validated at point of entry to minimise transcribing errors and ensure consistency with corporate standards. Field users can perform inspections and other data collection tasks, filing reports that include the attachment of photos and other supporting information.

Streamline task timeframes: Out-of-the box functionality allows you to easily monitor your business processes using X-Info Connect’s dashboards and automated reports sent via email / SMS. Manage workflow configuration using tasks that can be scheduled, monitored or triggered to allow available data to be fed into back-end systems in real time. This ensures all tasks are completed on time and your projects remain on track.

Compliance ready information: All new and edited data is automatically date/time stamped against a User ID to support quality assurance of task completion that can be viewed, printed and exported. Data can be grouped and graphed by user and date range.

Shape workforce morale: Users are provided with instant feedback and validation that their work is necessary and utilised, delivered a more efficient and integrated workforce.

Spring 2015

Link fields – Just click and go

Link and Link List fields are available in X-Info Connect and provide access from data in X-Info Connect to other sources such as a file, URL or identifier (email, website, X-Info Maps tab or other applications).

Q1: What are Link and Link List Fields?

A1: The fields enable a link to be added in X-Info Connect (XIC) to another source such as a File, URL or Identifier. The links allow users to access information stored in other sources such as a document store, website, email, X-Info Maps or other mapping sources or even another XIC connection.

Q2: What is the difference between a Link field and a Link List field?

A2: The Link field contains a single link to a source and a Link List field contains multiple links to multiple records.

Q3: How is the link displayed?

A3: Link fields can be displayed as text, where the link is accessed by an ‘open link’ button or a hyperlink that, once clicked, takes the user to the source of the linked data. The Link List is unique as it can display multiple links side by side separated by a space or comma.

Q4: Can a Link field be edited by the user?

A4: Editing is dependent on what display type has been selected by the administrator. Editing is possible if the display is set to Textbox or Listbox but not possible if the display is set to hyperlink.

For more information regarding the Link and Link List fields please contact the Mipela Support Team at or phone 1300 857 870.

Spring 2015

True blue through and through

Mipela GeoSolutions is an Australian owned and managed company providing innovative solutions to clients in the Energy and Infrastructure industry. As an Australian company, we can make choices every day about what we buy and who we buy it from. Mipela, wherever possible, makes a conscious decision to purchase Australian goods and services.

It is important therefore, to ensure our clients make informed decisions, and as such, it is with pride that we announce to our clients, partners and supporters that Mipela carries the Australian Made Certificate. This Certificate states that Mipela “Designs, Develops and Supports right here in Australia”.

Australian Made is a trusted and recognised certification that carries with it the support of the Australian people and businesses. Only true Australian products can carry the branding and Mipela is now among the thousands of companies associated with this iconic Australian institution.

“Mipela deliberately chooses home grown, and wanted to promote the concept of considering “Australian Made” first and foremost; when it comes to buying what you need, not just at home, but also at work,” said Nick Lovell, Sales and Marketing Manager.

The money that is injected into Australian companies goes directly back into the local economy, supports local jobs and delivers value in the form of tax dollars. When you consider buying goods and services in the future, please make an informed and conscious decision to buy from a company that promotes Australian Made – you know it makes sense.

For more information on Australian Made visit

Winter 2015

What’s new with X-info Connect?

Managing assets efficiently is one thing but managing alignment sheet change sets is quite another. Developing hundreds of alignment sheets every year, the innovative Mipela GeoSolutions projects team put their thinking caps on and, on paper, mapped out an alignment route management process. Then, using X-Info Connect converted the mapped out process into an electronic alignment route manager.

Branded X-Info Alignment Route Manager the system is designed to provide users with:

  • A tool managing spatial data inputs to an asset Line List (with linkages to A-Sheets)
  • A traceable change management process for reviewing and approving data and issuing for use
  • Ability to configure the way users view the linear data
The Management Process

The major concept in the system is the use of a line list for the management of data along a linear asset. This will be a familiar concept to users of A-Sheets and linear infrastructure.

Data can be managed along the asset via kilometre points or easting and northing – the reciprocal is calculated so that both are present in the database.

Data is also prepared according to three levels of use using the standard engineering drawing classifications:

  1. Issued for Information = IFI
  2. Issued for Review = IFR
  3. Issued for Use = IFU
The Approval Process

X-Info Connect is the engine that drives the X-Info Alignment Route Manager approval process and captures standard communication types for each activity type: phone calls, emails, meetings, as well as scheduled follow up actions. For instance you can:

  • Submit change requests for review instantly
  • Receive notification when request is approved or rejected
  • Capture all actions and activities as they occur ensuring transparency
  • Schedule change set activities report distribution to one or many email recipients
  • Revisit change set history with ease through dataview or reporting

Overall the process is simple, the system is easy to use, and set up requirements are minimal. Call today and move away from managing paper based alignment sheets the traditional manual way.

Winter 2015

Perfect match: X-Info Connect and Maintenance Connection

First it was X-Info Maps integration with Maintenance Connection, now Mipela GeoSolutions has found the perfect addition by enabling X-Info Connect to also communicate with Maintenance Connection.

This new pairing enables users to visualise assets through embedded GIS functionality, allowing users to:

  • Automatically create WorkOrders and Assets through the mapping interface within Maintenance Connection
  • Automatically create a WorkOrder based on a trigger from X-Info Connect.


When a new DBYD Works Management request is created, a WorkOrder can be automatically generated for that request within Maintenance Connection. The resulting WorkOrder number can then be populated back to X-Info Connect and linked to Maintenance Connection to enable other automated or adhoc actions such as emailing, populating GIS files or adding communications. The request and WorkOrder can also be visualised on a map (in either X-Info Connect or Maintenance Connection) and interrogated through tools in the X-Info Maps interface.

Through this integration, workflow is improved between the two systems resulting in users having a seamless experience to achieve the business objectives of managing their assets and stakeholders.

  • Automates WorkOrder creation for Affected DBYD responses in Maintenance Connection
  • Automates status of open and closed DBYD WorkOrders back into X-Info Connect
  • Eliminates manual intervention of allocated WorkOrders to appropriate resources
  • Eliminates forwarding Affected DBYD response emails to allocated resource for interpretation
  • DBYD and associated WorkOrder statistics can be tracked and reported on.

Overall, this new workflow automation software functionality improves the automatic generation of WorkOrders rising from DBYD enquiries, or any other Works request initiating business data, and further integrates the automation between X-Info Connect, X-Info Maps and Maintenance Connection.

Summer 2014

Take the Stress Out of Tenement Management

Tenement management can be a time consuming, stressful nightmare, especially when it comes to meeting legislative requirements and reporting. Then there’s administering land owner details, managing new acquisitions and the list goes on and on. Now you can eliminate the unnecessary stress with X-Info Connect tenement management software.

X-Info Connect’s tenement management system is fully configurable to your needs, has powerful reporting functionality and tasks and triggers that automate your business processes. Through this one application you can keep track of all your tenement owner details and communications. Meeting reporting requirements, scheduled renewals and notices have never been easier through the procedures functionality.

Automating your tenement reporting is quick and easy. Reports can be scheduled for email delivery to multiple nominated recipients. Import data from various sources in numerous formats and include them into your report. Create branded report templates that can be generated in seconds and distributed to land owners, government department and/or others.

Tenement management has never been easier than with X-Info Connect software and can be hosted and managed locally or by Mipela GeoSolutions hosted cloud services.

Summer 2014

X-Info DBYD automation goes to the next level

We know X-Info DBYD suite is an automated response solution for Dial Before You Dig requests, but did you know that the new improved X-Info DBYD suite is now complemented by the Works Management module?

The Works Management module provides you with a seamless workflow solution to view, action and report on asset queries such as Permit to Works and Road Closure processes.

Why not improve the level of internal coordination and external service, reduce the costs involved in maintaining your assets, and ensure your business meets the key performance indicators related to your DBYD responses?

What can Works Management do for you?

  • Increase compliance to your works procedures, permits and regulatory compliance
  • The mapping tool can provide quick, visual references to work history in selected areas or regions
  • Provide the ability to access on demand and scheduled reports, enabling informed decision making and planning
  • Record your communications, contacts, procedures, documents and mapping against each job or project
  • Improve the level of internal coordination and external service
  • Reduce the costs involved in maintaining assets
  • Ensure procedures are executed in accordance with process
  • Visualise activity near your assets with additional mapping features.
Spring 2014

Five ways to please your report lover

Business managers love reports. You need to ask yourself if you prefer to make decisions with confidence or gut-instinct. To please any report lover, our challenge is to give management reports, how and when they want it, and this can be achieved in 5 ways:

  1. Bring it all together: When your data is stored in multiple spreadsheets, systems and applications, it’s difficult to see the big picture, and more importantly to understand trends. By delivering all your data in the right context, you eliminate unnecessary guesswork, increase productivity and improve the decision making process.
  2. Make it timely: Waiting for daily/weekly/monthly reports, results in missed opportunities. These opportunities aren’t evident until after the reports are delivered by this time the window of opportunity has bolted and opportunity lost.
  3. Deliver one version of the truth: Draw data directly from the source, eliminate internal debate over data integrity and spend more time focussing on other tasks.
  4. Break down silos: By establishing good processes to share accurate and timely data, you increase efficiency and improve the decision-making process by accessing legitimate data.
  5. Make it mobile: Managers need reports on their own schedule, whether it’s a taxi ride to and from the airport or between meetings. They need the ability to tap into their reports wherever and whenever they want.

If the issues above sound familiar or other reporting problems make you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, give us a call, we can help.

Spring 2014

Mipela complements its X-Info Suite capability with new dynamic reporting

The amount of data businesses handle each year grows exponentially as the business expands, as does the number of users who require access to this data in report format. The complexity of reports is also increasing as management at all levels demand access to up to the minute information on which to base business critical decisions. It is no wonder then that reporting is increasingly demanding more time and resources; and as a result contributes additional costs to the business.

The Mipela GeoSolutions team understands the importance reporting plays within a business and recently developed an X-Info Connect reporting module, X-Info Report suite. X-Info Report suite is a fully customisable solution that allows users to store, maintain, track and analyse business information. X-Info Report suite’s essential functionality not only enables end users to easily manage their data and effectively perform their duties, it now offers dynamic reporting capability.

The reporting module gives end users the ability to generate meaningful reports that will empower management to monitor their business progress and make better informed business decisions. With X-Info Report suite, businesses can define and automate their reports then print or export as a PDF file at any time.

X-Info Report suite administrators are able to develop and customise report templates based on business requirements, and by applying security to the templates, make them available to individuals or to user groups. The reports can be styled to suit the business brand, be used for mail merge activities and be scheduled for distribution to multiple email recipients on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual basis. The flexible reporting module comprises of elements such as text, images, tables, maps and charts.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses need to ensure they stay ahead of their competition and having dynamic reporting capability can contribute to business benchmarking and decision making. X-Info Report suitegives businesses access to professional branded dynamic reports that provide legible information on demand.

Like any other innovation, the X-Info Report suite will evolve over time and will offer X-Info Connect end users more dynamic reporting functionality into the future.

Spring 2014

ECHO – What is it?

All significant Aboriginal cultural heritages in Queensland are protected under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 and penalty provisions apply for any unauthorised harm. Under the legislation, a person carrying out an activity must take all reasonable and practicable measures to ensure the activity does not harm Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage (section 23 (1), the cultural heritage duty of care). This applies whether or not such places are recorded in an official register and whether or not they are located in, on or under private land.

Expert Cultural Heritage Optimisation (ECHO) is a workflow solution for predicting the likelihood of finding a cultural heritage site or artefact. ECHO can estimate the cost of field monitoring as well as helping enterprises prioritise tasks. ECHO can play a vital role in providing valuable information to you, demonstrating conformance with ‘Cultural Heritage Duty of Care’ in terms of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act.

ECHO can assess where and to what extent cultural heritage may impact projects within the native title claim area. In doing so you have the ability to reduce risk and improve your project delivery services. The solution delivers a management regime for cultural heritage that is technically sound and business based. Risk reduction, improved scheduling and cost savings can be achieved not just in cultural heritage management but also in any other project component or process that might depend on cultural heritage clearance.

ECHO enables you to quantify the project area and effort required for Cultural Heritage (CH) surveying and more importantly prioritises areas for CH field monitoring. Remove subjectivity from cultural heritage management and centrally manage integral data and processes. With ECHO, you have the power at your fingertips to map the CH compliance framework.

Key Benefits:

  • Centrally manage cultural heritage data and systems
  • Understand risks to reduce onsite investigations
  • Map the compliance framework
  • Quantify the reasonable cost of compliance
  • Instil pragmatism into cultural heritage negotiations and service delivery

In conclusion, ECHO delivers improved scheduling and cost savings not just in cultural heritage management but also in any other project component or process that might depend on cultural heritage clearance.

Top: Sample categorised activities in terms of the Act.

Bottom: Sample ECHO cultural heritage low, moderate, and high likelihood indicator.

Spring 2014

Spreadsheet or Database – the ongoing debate!

The big question: how do you want to organise your data?

A database is designed to work with relational data – your information is divided into multiple logical tables that can be joined, while a spreadsheet works best with flat data structures – in a single table or list of information that isn’t related to other data.

How can you tell if you need a relational structure for your data?

Firstly, if you have a lot of repeated data (eg. contact names and phone numbers) and secondly, if you want to track actions or events, a relational structure works best. If you only have a small amount of data and don’t mind looking at repeated information, then use a flat structure.

If storage is your primary goal, then use a database, but for analysis use a spreadsheet. A database can store a large amount of data – spreadsheets are designed to store numbers and perform sophisticated calculations.

Spreadsheet advantages include:

  • Analyses and numbers
  • Great for answering the ‘What if’ question
  • PivotTable reports provide interactive tabular summaries of your data.

Database advantages include:

  • Simple verified data entry that can be audited and contributed to simultaneously by multiple users
  • Great for creating professional reports containing a variety of data sets and searching through large amount of data
  • Data accumulation is in real time and has automatic aggregation capability.

Before making the decision on what to use, consider your business process needs, develop a capability wish list and cross reference your needs with those of the spreadsheet or database ability.

Spring 2014

Sentanil completes CMS upgrade

Sentanil Systems has expanded the capabilities of its construction management system to include highdensity polyethylene gas and water pipelines.

Leighton Contractors invited Sentanil to expand the capability of its construction management system (CMS) to meet traceability and reporting requirements for the Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) Upstream Phase 1 Project: Gas Gathering Systems, with the aim of improving efficiency and adding value for its client, Origin, on behalf of the project.

Sentanil has supported Leighton Contractors’ request and developed the CMS database to track more than 1,200km of varied sized gas and water high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline.

Key steps in adapting the CMS for use on the APLNG Upstream Phase 1 Project included:

  • Project welding and quality assurance (QA) personnel collection of butt and fusion weld data using hand held personal data assistant scanning devices
  • Importing of welding machine logger data into CMS and integrating with other weld datasets
  • Integrating project work pack data into the CMS
  • Completing standard CMS data integrity checks
  • Applying barcodes to the HDPE pipe to ensure correct linkage of weld numbers during the as built data collection
  • Receiving automated reports of field inspection checklists and other weld and pipe books for the various welding systems
  • Upgrading the CMS back end database to the SQL Server to enable the provision of a corporate dashboard of progress maps and charts and daily production reports, by integrating the CMS with Mipela GeoSolutions’ X-Info Connect software.

This collaborative approach achieved a successful transition from a paper based QA welding reporting system to an electronic system, resulting in increased efficiencies, enhanced traceability and advanced corporate reporting capabilities.

Sentanil would like to thank Leighton Contractors, its client Origin on behalf of the APLNG Project, and the project’s field and office QA personnel for their enthusiasm and support during this transition.

Leighton Contractors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leighton Holdings Limited, is a leading contracting and project development group, delivering projects for clients across the infrastructure, mining, telecommunications, civil construction, industrial, energy, health and services sectors.

Autumn 2013

Data and dollars

It is a well known fact that data enables people to make informed business decisions, but at what cost? Data assists in gauging a project’s progress, operational efforts, and the innovation of products and services. The right information already exists at many action points across a business. However, collecting and reporting this data manually can be an expensive process and is prone to human error. Reporting is also a team effort, and requires members from across all departments, and this can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in direct costs. The cost of manual reporting goes deeper than just the up-front expense of paying the right people to generate data into reports. The time spent in this manual process could be better spent on innovation and new product/service development. The process also jeopardises project planning and completion delays the decision making process when data is not readily available. In this situation, the best solution is automated reporting.

Automated reporting accurately and efficiently performs all business reporting tasks saving time and money, and negating human error. Additional benefits that cannot be realised using the manual reporting process include:

  • Better, faster insight into performance
  • Ability to capitalise on new opportunities
  • Timely insight into issues as they occur, rather than after a report is assembled
  • Reduction in inaccuracies or misguided decisions made.

If the issues above sound familiar to you, or you would like to explore report automation further, give us a call today, we have a solution that can help.

Summer 2013

Five steps to maximise the value of data

Tens of billions of dollars have been spent on collecting data. For data to become a strategic asset, the following 5 steps should be considered in parallel to existing systems and processes in managing data: (1) Collect and Send, (2) Receive and Validate, (3) Review and Approve, (4) Load and Publish, (5) Report and Distribute. The maximum benefit in adopting the above steps will only be achieved if harvesting the data is easy, fast, accurate, reliable and flexible. This is critical when using the data to drive the decision making process as a competitive advantage.

For the process to be successful, people within organisations need to be given time to acquire new data skills (experimenting and analysing information) to innovate and create new products and data driven services. However, the flip side to this is to be wary of data misuse by ensuring errors aren’t compounding in data models. Consider having different parts of the business champion and challenge data outcomes to ensure the best decisions are made; confirm access issues are resolved to ensure all the data is available for decision making; and that customer privacy issues are protected.

If the issues above sound familiar or other data problems make you feel like your ship is sinking, give us a call, we can help.

Summer 2013

Want to see all your data in one place?

Question: Do you rely on data to determine how your project is progressing? Here are 4 reasons decision makers find themselves flying blind, and 4 ways to eliminate the danger:

  1. Data silos: When your data is stored in multiple spread sheets, systems and applications, it’s difficult to see the big picture, and more importantly to understand trends. By accessing all your data in the right context, you eliminate unnecessary guesswork, increase productivity and improve the decision-making process.
  2. Access to timely data: Waiting for daily/weekly/monthly reports, results in missed opportunities. These opportunities aren’t evident until after the reports are delivered, by this time the window of opportunity has closed and opportunity lost.
  3. Ensure a single point of truth: Draw data directly from the source, eliminate internal debate over data integrity and spend more time completing required tasks.
  4. Increase transparency of data: By establishing good processes to share accurate and timely data, you increase efficiency and improve the decision-making process by accessing legitimate data.

If the issues above sound familiar or other data problems make you feel like you’re flying blind give us a call, we can help.

Winter 2013

Improving location information management

On a daily basis, managing information is a challenge. We believe we have the right people and a passionate team with profound technical expertise and industry knowledge, who know what works using leading edge software. I read the following quotes recently which made me stop and ask, what are some basic ideas to improve location information management?

“Nearly 70% of IT projects are unsuccessful” – The Standish Group

“Organisations spend up to $22 million a year fixing software defects” – International Data Corporation

“Waste management sues Tier 1 ERP software vendor for the ‘complete failure’ of a $100 million software implementation” – Information Week

We believe the success of a project is based on prioritising according to business needs, focusing on change management and having clear responsibilities. It is essential to have streamlined systems and processes in place to deliver a seamless user experience through a ‘single point of truth’.

The fundamental principle should be to focus on one issue at a time. This allows you to plan and involve a practical number of stakeholders, in a cost effective manner that will ensure you can incrementally improve the business with limited down time.