Sentanil completes CMS upgrade

Sentanil Systems has expanded the capabilities of its construction management system to include highdensity polyethylene gas and water pipelines.

Leighton Contractors invited Sentanil to expand the capability of its construction management system (CMS) to meet traceability and reporting requirements for the Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) Upstream Phase 1 Project: Gas Gathering Systems, with the aim of improving efficiency and adding value for its client, Origin, on behalf of the project.

Sentanil has supported Leighton Contractors’ request and developed the CMS database to track more than 1,200km of varied sized gas and water high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline.

Key steps in adapting the CMS for use on the APLNG Upstream Phase 1 Project included:

  • Project welding and quality assurance (QA) personnel collection of butt and fusion weld data using hand held personal data assistant scanning devices
  • Importing of welding machine logger data into CMS and integrating with other weld datasets
  • Integrating project work pack data into the CMS
  • Completing standard CMS data integrity checks
  • Applying barcodes to the HDPE pipe to ensure correct linkage of weld numbers during the as built data collection
  • Receiving automated reports of field inspection checklists and other weld and pipe books for the various welding systems
  • Upgrading the CMS back end database to the SQL Server to enable the provision of a corporate dashboard of progress maps and charts and daily production reports, by integrating the CMS with Mipela GeoSolutions’ X-Info Connect software.

This collaborative approach achieved a successful transition from a paper based QA welding reporting system to an electronic system, resulting in increased efficiencies, enhanced traceability and advanced corporate reporting capabilities.

Sentanil would like to thank Leighton Contractors, its client Origin on behalf of the APLNG Project, and the project’s field and office QA personnel for their enthusiasm and support during this transition.

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