Mipela Turns 20

‘Kai Kai’ Day (Family Day)

Mipela staff (past and present) and their families gathered at Roma Street Parklands Forest Meadow in Brisbane’s CBD for our annual informal picnic and to celebrate our 20 year anniversary.

Tradition dictates Hayden and Kellie bring a baked, glazed ham and drinks. The team supplied morning tea, nibbles, salads, bread rolls and more! This was a veritable feast that required an afternoon siesta for some.

The kids enjoyed themselves running around, kicking balls, scootering, climbing trees and just having fun.

This year we also celebrated Neil Briton’s birthday with cake.

Our July Mipela PRIDE award nomination by Ted Metcalfe (one of the Australian Pipeline Industries Legends) went to Hayden McDonald.

KaiKai Day comes from the Pidgin English term KaiKai that means food. Mipela’s organisational culture has strong associations with Pidgin English references from Hayden’s childhood in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. Our coming together to celebrate with our families over food is a strong tradition at Mipela that has been maintained for the past twenty years.

Interestingly, when you reference Mipela (which means our people) in this context it all just makes sense.