Mipela complements its X-Info Suite capability with new dynamic reporting

The amount of data businesses handle each year grows exponentially as the business expands, as does the number of users who require access to this data in report format. The complexity of reports is also increasing as management at all levels demand access to up to the minute information on which to base business critical decisions. It is no wonder then that reporting is increasingly demanding more time and resources; and as a result contributes additional costs to the business.

The Mipela GeoSolutions team understands the importance reporting plays within a business and recently developed an X-Info Connect reporting module, X-Info Report suite. X-Info Report suite is a fully customisable solution that allows users to store, maintain, track and analyse business information. X-Info Report suite’s essential functionality not only enables end users to easily manage their data and effectively perform their duties, it now offers dynamic reporting capability.

The reporting module gives end users the ability to generate meaningful reports that will empower management to monitor their business progress and make better informed business decisions. With X-Info Report suite, businesses can define and automate their reports then print or export as a PDF file at any time.

X-Info Report suite administrators are able to develop and customise report templates based on business requirements, and by applying security to the templates, make them available to individuals or to user groups. The reports can be styled to suit the business brand, be used for mail merge activities and be scheduled for distribution to multiple email recipients on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual basis. The flexible reporting module comprises of elements such as text, images, tables, maps and charts.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses need to ensure they stay ahead of their competition and having dynamic reporting capability can contribute to business benchmarking and decision making. X-Info Report suitegives businesses access to professional branded dynamic reports that provide legible information on demand.

Like any other innovation, the X-Info Report suite will evolve over time and will offer X-Info Connect end users more dynamic reporting functionality into the future.