Latest Release Notes

Upcoming Release of X-Info Maps and X-Info DBYD suite version 5.8

Version 5.8 of X-Info Maps and X-Info DBYD suite is scheduled for release in July, delivering the following features:

Exchange Web Services

A new email protocol (Exchange Web Services) has been added to X-Info DBYD suite to enable communication with the Exchange Server used to read the new mail messages from DBYD and send the responses.

Maintenance Connection v7.0 Support

X-Info Maps + Maintenance Connection is a web based system that integrates asset and workorder management with spatial data, enabling users to view, query and create data in Maintenance Connection. The functionality is available through both the X-Info Maps interface and embedded within Maintenance Connection. Maintenance Connection v7.0 is now supported.

DBYD Processing and Service Enhancements

Enhancements have been developed to allow Administrators to have control over DBYD processing.

  • Multiple DBYD Projects can now be processed in parallel, resulting in faster processing times for X-Info DBYD suite Projects with more than one project
  • The X-Info DBYD suite Stop Service Function has been enhanced to check the service after processing each request, resulting in a more responsive method.

Support for new File Types and Databases

  • X-Info Maps now supports PostGIS databases and Shapefile spatial index files (.sbn) for quick shapefile rendering
  • X-Info DBYD requests can now be stored in database types SQL Lite, SQL Server and PostGIS
  • Support for WFS Authentication over https .

Background Tile Map Services

ESRI Maps tile service has been added as an available service for background map layers. This is a free service that can be added to a X-Info Maps Project and display pre-generated map tiles as background layers.

Google Maps has launched a new ‘Google Maps Platform’ which requires an API key to access Google Maps as background layers. X-Info Maps software has been updated to support the addition of an API key for Clients using Google Maps as background layers. Please note – Clients will need to set up the Google Maps Platform via Google Maps.