Improving location information management

On a daily basis, managing information is a challenge. We believe we have the right people and a passionate team with profound technical expertise and industry knowledge, who know what works using leading edge software. I read the following quotes recently which made me stop and ask, what are some basic ideas to improve location information management?

“Nearly 70% of IT projects are unsuccessful” – The Standish Group

“Organisations spend up to $22 million a year fixing software defects” – International Data Corporation

“Waste management sues Tier 1 ERP software vendor for the ‘complete failure’ of a $100 million software implementation” – Information Week

We believe the success of a project is based on prioritising according to business needs, focusing on change management and having clear responsibilities. It is essential to have streamlined systems and processes in place to deliver a seamless user experience through a ‘single point of truth’.

The fundamental principle should be to focus on one issue at a time. This allows you to plan and involve a practical number of stakeholders, in a cost effective manner that will ensure you can incrementally improve the business with limited down time.