Five ways to please your report lover

Business managers love reports. You need to ask yourself if you prefer to make decisions with confidence or gut-instinct. To please any report lover, our challenge is to give management reports, how and when they want it, and this can be achieved in 5 ways:

  1. Bring it all together: When your data is stored in multiple spreadsheets, systems and applications, it’s difficult to see the big picture, and more importantly to understand trends. By delivering all your data in the right context, you eliminate unnecessary guesswork, increase productivity and improve the decision making process.
  2. Make it timely: Waiting for daily/weekly/monthly reports, results in missed opportunities. These opportunities aren’t evident until after the reports are delivered by this time the window of opportunity has bolted and opportunity lost.
  3. Deliver one version of the truth: Draw data directly from the source, eliminate internal debate over data integrity and spend more time focussing on other tasks.
  4. Break down silos: By establishing good processes to share accurate and timely data, you increase efficiency and improve the decision-making process by accessing legitimate data.
  5. Make it mobile: Managers need reports on their own schedule, whether it’s a taxi ride to and from the airport or between meetings. They need the ability to tap into their reports wherever and whenever they want.

If the issues above sound familiar or other reporting problems make you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, give us a call, we can help.