Data and dollars

It is a well known fact that data enables people to make informed business decisions, but at what cost? Data assists in gauging a project’s progress, operational efforts, and the innovation of products and services. The right information already exists at many action points across a business. However, collecting and reporting this data manually can be an expensive process and is prone to human error. Reporting is also a team effort, and requires members from across all departments, and this can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in direct costs. The cost of manual reporting goes deeper than just the up-front expense of paying the right people to generate data into reports. The time spent in this manual process could be better spent on innovation and new product/service development. The process also jeopardises project planning and completion delays the decision making process when data is not readily available. In this situation, the best solution is automated reporting.

Automated reporting accurately and efficiently performs all business reporting tasks saving time and money, and negating human error. Additional benefits that cannot be realised using the manual reporting process include:

  • Better, faster insight into performance
  • Ability to capitalise on new opportunities
  • Timely insight into issues as they occur, rather than after a report is assembled
  • Reduction in inaccuracies or misguided decisions made.

If the issues above sound familiar to you, or you would like to explore report automation further, give us a call today, we have a solution that can help.