Continuous Learning Model

To ensure the effective use of the solutions being implemented at a day to day operational level, we recognise the importance of building “Capability” by training around the processes, data and roles within our teams. The purpose is to affect a positive outcome at a personal user’s level and team with the aim to increase the businesses overall capability.

From our Annual Client Satisfaction Survey early this year we made a commitment to implement a “Continuous Learning Model” with the aim to improve our skills, knowledge and awareness internally around our products and services which we would like to share.

When you consider that 90% of people Learn and Develop through Experience and Others, we have set out to develop regular Formal, Informal and Social pervasive training to increase both the level of expertise and capability in the company which includes:
• Formal instructor lead training in our products and services through structured courses. “Working Groups” are formed when we are looking to solve a problem which members from each team who meet on a regular basis are responsible for governance, implementation and communication of the “Continuous Improvement Strategy” program back to their maintenance activities.
• Informal training from super users, monthly Product lunch sessions and business process info sheets.
• Social training is on the job, applying the tools in day to day use with tips shared on our internal SharePoint site “TokSave” knowledge base for all to reference.

Some of the benefits of encouraging a learning culture within the organisation include:
• The performance of our users increase as they’re become more efficient.
• Recognising Team members’ efforts builds strong company morale.
• Teams are self-motivated, empowered and more organised.
• Healthy competition among the teams and team members’ usage of the system increases compliance in the company.
• The company as a whole is on a trend of small improvements which by nature is circular and self-repeating, thereby optimising our potential to achieve our goals.

For more information, please contact Hayden McDonald.