A civil contractor’s day to day operations include managing multiple work orders, liaising with varying project stakeholders and be agile 24/7 to deal with unexpected project circumstances. Above all, he/she is constantly under pressure to deliver faster, save more, managing data and communicate effectively whilst ensuring SAFETY.

Mipela provides a full suite of solutions that is uniquely designed to address these challenges. These solutions range from DBYD automation, document management and workflow management to field service management, with the aim to simplify the administration processes that are often the culprits of project cost overruns and delays.


Plans Management module

The essential first step of lodging a DBYD enquiry prior to undertaking any excavation activities is known to be the second nature among the civil contractors to safeguard Australia’s underground infrastructure. However, the process of collating the incoming DBYD responses is often a time consuming task that contributes to significant administration burden.

This is where Plans Management comes into play. The system takes over the collation process and automatically sends to you the compiled responses under few minutes. It’s a no brainer, isn’t?

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