A snapshot of our Quarterly Product Updates

We are pleased to announce the quarterly release of our X-Info products. Take a look at a snapshot of some of the new features:

X-Info Connect tagline 96dpi 4.3


  • Object Type List Fields – Picker configuration to allow configuration of the data that is displayed to users
  • Spellchecker for Text Fields
  • Reports – Exports to PDF and add communication
  • Report Designer to simplify the creation of report templates

X-Info WebConnect tagline 96dpi 4.3


  • Image can now be marked up to allow quick sketches and text to be added to images
  • Customisable Reports can now be added to the home page. The report templates can be changed to filter the report content, enable and disable certain parts of the report as well as modify blocks of text within the report.

X-Info Aware tagline 96dpi 2.3


  • GPS tracking allows users to capture line or polygon objects
  • Users can now email or phone directly from email and phone fields using their default email app on their phone or call from their phone
  • Assigned tasks can be reordered
  • A Clear All button is now avaliabe for paused tasks
  • Summary fields are now displayed as fields in Capture Forms
  • Speed enhancements have been added to show download data status on Users devices.